Pay as You Go Mobile Broadband

Pay as you go mobile broadband (PAYG) is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as it is the most flexible way to connect to the Internet while you are ‘on the go‘.

Advantages of pay as you go
Pay as you go mobile broadband offers all the benefits of a mobile internet connection without being locked in to any long-term contracts. A simple PAYG dongle allows you to enjoy high-speed Internet access on a pre-paid basis, so there is no need to worry about bills and monthly usage allowances, as you will only ever pay for what you want to use.

How does it work?
First you need to choose exactly which pay as you go dongle to purchase from a range of internet providers who offer PAYG deals. Happily, PAYG’s increased popularity means that there are some really great deals and offers available at the moment. Once you have bought your internet dongle, you simply pre-pay for your internet usage. It works in exactly the same way as when you top-up your PAYG phone, only you will be topping-up your PAYG SIM with gigabytes rather than minutes. It really is that easy.

If you are someone who already pays a monthly subscription fee for broadband and so are reticent to get involved with even more contracts, then a pay as you go package really is the very best way to receive all the benefits of mobile internet without having any of the long-term commitments.

Benefits of Using Mobile Broadband for Business

Mobile broadband provides the freedom to connect to the internet, irrespective of where you are. Because of this, it is the perfect solution for those of us who need to spend much of our time online.

Stay connected
One of the most useful features of mobile broadband is that it can enable you to stay connected with your office when you are nowhere near the premises. Although devices such as BlackBerrys let you send and receive emails, and access work-related features such as calendars and address books, they do not let you use your company intranet or any specified project space. For this you need a laptop (or netbook) with a mobile internet dongle. In essence, a simple mobile broadband dongle allows you as a professional to adopt a far more flexible attitude to working. Because you are able to work effectively wherever you are, you can be productive from the moment you arrive in your remote location, whether it is a coffee shop, a regional office or even your home.

However, mobile broadband is more than just a device for working remotely. When it comes to business, it can also come in very handy as a valuable backup tool if your company’s fixed line broadband should fail for any reason, and, it can also be used if you need to work in a temporary office where there is no fixed line installed.

Is your business as well-connected as it could be?

Internet on the Go

Mobile broadband is the perfect way for people who are frequently on the move to maintain Internet access.

With an internet dongle, it’s possible to get surfing in just about any location that enjoys decent mobile phone coverage. This can prove to be a Godsend for people like business professionals or commuters, as they can remain online and available even though they are far away from the office. Mobile broadband can also be a very useful way for people who don’t have a fixed residence to stay online. For example, students can use it at their parents home, in their student accommodation or in the library, all for one price. Also, with plenty of affordable pay as you go (PAYG) options, they won’t need to worry about subscription payments denting their wallets.

People who don’t have a mobile broadband dongle can still access the internet while away from home by using their laptop or netbook at a Wi-Fi hotspot. These are public areas where people can log-on to the internet through a shared connection. They are frequently found in airports, hotels, coffee shops and libraries, and although many of them offer their connections for free, others will charge a fee. However, even though these connections can be very convenient, they are typically unsecured so there is always the slim possibility that private information could be inadvertently shared or unscrupulously obtained by others.

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The Benefits of Mobile Broadband

Being able to access the internet on the go, wherever you are, has many advantages, not all of them immediately obvious.

For example, you have may not have realised that going online with a device such as an internet dongle can often be more efficient and faster than using your broadband at home.

As costs come down, and with many providers offering great deals such as free laptop computers, getting unlimited mobile broadband whenever and wherever you like has also become increasingly affordable.

In fact, as long as you can get a phone signal at home, you could do away with fixed broadband altogether, without paying any more, yet still enjoy faster broadband. And if you don’t make good use of your landline, you could make all your communications completely mobile!

However, with many providers, packages and tariffs around, from pay as you go to monthly fees, you should still compare mobile broadband plans to find the best one to suit what you need. Be very sure what you are getting for your money before taking the plunge.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals, we allow you to look at the mobile broadband plans from top providers such from Vodafone to 02.  You can even check the coverage for your area, and catch up on all the latest industry news, reviews and guides. Our comparison tables of every mobile Internet deal in the UK is so easy to use.

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How Mobile Wi-Fi Can Benefit You

For many of us, having access to the Internet at all times is essential.  Without it, we would not be able to get vital work done, send important emails or find out necessary pieces of information.  Mobile Internet has made this possible.  With the use of a USB dongle and the 3G network, we are able to access the Internet wherever we are.  However, while many devices are able to connect to Wi-Fi, not all of them have USB sockets or 3G connectivity.  For these devices, Mobile Wi-Fi is a must.

With a mobile Wi-Fi (MiFi) device, you can create your own wireless hotspot.  With this, you can connect up to 5 devices to the mobile Internet at once.  While you have to pay a small subscription charge for your MiFi data, this is a fraction of the cost of using some public Wi-Fi connections.  You no longer have to depend on these unreliable, costly ways of connecting to the Internet.

Mobile Wi-Fi can benefit owners of Wi-Fi only devices, such as the iPod Touch, and can mean that you don’t have to spend extra to have 3G connectivity in your gadgets.  For example, the Wi-Fi only iPad costs £100 less than its 3G counterpart, and the Wi-Fi only Amazon Kindle offers a £41 saving over the 3G equivalent.  With MiFi, you will be able to connect all these devices to the Internet without having to search out a Wi-Fi hotspot.  Whenever you buy a new Internet connected device, you can feel confident that MiFi will be compatible with it.

Connect to the Internet Everywhere You Go

If you regularly take your laptop with you when you are out and about, then you should consider purchasing an internet dongle.

Dongles are an excellent way to ensure you are always connected to the internet, no matter where you are in the country.

While a fixed connection or Wi-Fi connection is a great way to access the internet from home, you cannot take it with you when you leave the home with your laptop.

A mobile broadband dongle is simple and easy to use, you just connect the dongle USB to your laptop port and you can quickly connect to the internet.

If you regularly download or make internet calls using Skype, you should ensure you purchase a dongle with at least 5GB. However, if you only require a dongle for browsing and emailing, you should purchase 1GB.

We can help you compare internet dongles from some of the best brand names in the industry, such as 3, O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-mobile. These companies can offer you anything from 0MB to 15GB. Also, some of our networks also offer unlimited GB for a short contract.

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We can also provide you with deals for a pay monthly iPad, mobile internet and free laptop contracts. Our service is incredibly safe and secure as we only provide you with comparison information on the best deals and payment will ultimately take place through the networks payment system.