Never let sourcing mobile internet give you a headache

There are plenty of advantages of being alive today rather than in bygone eras. For example, in previous decades, the joys and convenience of mobile internet had not yet been discovered. In contrast, these days you can shop, play games, watch videos, check emails and much more while out and about.

However, there is a flipside to modern life and that is its hectic nature. You might find that you rarely have a spare moment.

This can cause problems when you are trying to source mobile broadband deals. After all, you no doubt want to get the best around that provides you with great value and service. But you may have found the process of trying to locate the most impressive offers frustrating.

After all, competition in the market is stiff and there are many options for you to choose from. Firms are vying with one another for your custom and so they pull out all the stops to attract you to them.

This can make the task of selecting confusing and time consuming, and, given that time is an all too scarce commodity, this may have caused you stress.

But the great news is, by using our search service here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, you can find the perfect offers for you within moments. Simply type in your requirements and we will show you the options you face.

Whether you end up with Orange mobile broadband, T-Mobile broadband or anything else, you are bound to be thrilled with the results.

The Perks of Being Mobile

We’re pretty much all used to it now, but if you’re over about eighteen-years-old you’ll likely remember a time when we had to dart wildly between PC’s and dial-up connections to check emails, and cheat at pub quizzes.

Mobile broadband may have taken the sportsmanship out of the Great British Pub Quiz, but that’s the only downside we can see to being 100% mobile and connected 24/7. Well, that and the fact there’s never an excuse for being out of touch when your boss unreasonably emails a proposal to edit at 10:45PM when you’re in the pub!

Amazing Coverage

In June, Ofcom gave service providers the go ahead to trade spectrum licences. In layman’s terms that could end up meaning less network congestion at peak times, more prolific coverage and an all-round better mobile broadband service across all involved service providers.

Free Laptop Deals

Pay monthly laptops are one of those wonderful we-can’t-believe-it deal trends that are becoming more widespread as the norm. Currently, Three and Vodafone tend to run the best deals, with data allowances up to 15GB (with Three) and monthly fees between £25-37. That said, you don’t want to invest your monthly finances in garbage devices and mobile broadband services, so we’ve created some comprehensive (but very understandable) laptop reviews and service guides. Take your pick from the top seven pay monthly laptops from Three and Vodafone using our expert reviews in the “Free Laptop Reviews” area of the website. And, although they’re not free, a little look at the iPad and tablet packages on offer could prove very seductive!

Don’t Forget Your Dongle

Heading off on holiday within the UK this summer? If you’re one of the folks who missed out on a mudfest at Glastonbury 2011, the odds are good you still hold high hopes for your sunny UK summer vacation and are genuinely looking forward to a couple of weeks idle bliss in any of the UK’s magnificent scenic spots… but without internet access?

Mobile broadband is a great way to take fun, convenience and useful holiday titbits of information with you wherever you go in the UK. For you, the best mobile broadband could be the fastest, the broadest coverage or just the cheapest possible. You can use our helpful online tools to compare mobile broadband deals and dig out the one that’s best for your holiday. Off to Northern Ireland? You want T-Mobile’s excellent Irish Sea coverage. Or for lucky folks heading north to the Shetland Isles, Vodafone have got you covered!

The best mobile broadband deals are continually updated on our website, helping you to find the exact mobile broadband package to suit your holiday. Choosing between service providers could be fairly easy if you’re an Orange devotee or a T-Mobile fan for life, but for those open to a little research we’ve done our best to make the perks and pitfalls of every service provider deal as transparent and easily comparable as possible.

For more detailed information on using an internet dongle (for the dongle virgin!) check out our simple advice guide in the “Guides” area of the website.

Mobile Broadband Ideal for People on the Move

Like many people, your life may be somewhat hectic. The pace of modern life is frenetic and can leave you wishing there were more hours in the day. Clearly, no matter how hard you wish for such changes, you cannot make them happen. However, there are easier, less dramatic alterations you can make that may help you get all your tasks completed.

For example, you might want to consider investing in mobile broadband. Having access to the web while you’re on the go can make a significant difference to your ability to achieve your aims. Whether this involves checking and responding to emails while you are away from your office or quickly catching up with some shopping while you are travelling on public transport, such provisions are extremely handy.

At present, you might waste a considerable length of time commuting to and from work and being able to access mobile broadband while you are on the train or bus, or waiting at the station, can mean you no longer have to squander minutes and hours in this way.

And the great thing is, it is now possible to source great value offerings. For example, you can come here to compare mobile broadband deals and make sure you get one that is perfectly suited to your requirements and budget.

Whether you want contract or pay as you go mobile broadband, you should be able to find out all the facts here. So, don’t waste any more time, see whether mobile web could help you.

Get the Best Deals on Mobile Broadband

Whenever you are sourcing products or services, you might well want to take advantage of the best deals available. This is simply human nature. After all, the more cash you save, the more you will have to spend on other things, or to save for the future.

This is true when it comes to almost everything, including mobile broadband. Like many individuals, you may well be eager to take advantage of such provisions but be unwilling to pay over the odds for them.

Well, by coming here, you can compare mobile broadband deals to ensure that the one you opt for is ideally matched to your requirements and budget. By being savvy in this way, you could save yourself a lot of cash.

This is true whether you are seeking unlimited, pay as you go or pay monthly mobile broadband. We are an independent site, meaning you can trust the information you see and it is our aim to bring you the very best products and prices available.

So, if you use us when sourcing your mobile broadband, you can rest assured you will have access to detailed and relevant information that will help you make a wise choice. This tactical approach could save you considerable hassle and expense.

In contrast, if you are rash and do not put sufficient care into your choice, you might ultimately be disappointed by your mobile broadband. Perhaps it will not meet your technical needs, or maybe you will realise you are paying too much.

Know About Mobile Broadband

Even though mobile broadband has revolutionised internet communications and transformed working habits, it is still a technology which many people simply do not know enough about.

Aren’t mobile connection speeds slow?
Although this may once have been true, it certainly is not the case now. Current average mobile connection speeds are around 7.0Mb, which is about the same as home broadband speeds.

Aren’t download allowances inadequate?
Although there are still 1GB packages around which are pretty limiting for most users, these are now eclipsed by the current deals available. Presently, there are a range of deals which offer 10 – 15 GB of usage every month, which should be enough to satisfy all but the most ardent gamers and uber-downloaders.

Aren’t data charges expensive?
The dark days of getting charged over £40 per GB are thankfully long gone, as many of today’s best mobile broadband deals offer up to three times the download allowance for a fraction of that price. Many providers have also stopped charging for excess usage on their deals, while others utilise online tracking systems to help customers keep on top of their download usage.

Aren’t contracts overly long?
Although two year contracts have been the accepted standard up until fairly recently, much shorter contracts (some as short as one-month) are now much more prevalent. And of course, there are always plenty of pay-as-you-go mobile broadband deals to be had as well.

To learn more, spend some time with us here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals.

Mobile Internet: Pay As You Go or Monthly Bill?

The biggest decision any mobile internet user faces is working out which package best suits them. That will mean choosing between monthly bills or increasingly popular pay as you go deals.

Most mobile phone providers now offer pay as you go mobile broadband packages, giving you complete flexibility to get online wherever you are. Once you have your dongle, allowing you to connect to the World Wide Web, you just pay per day or week of use, or opt for a whole month at a time. Costs start from as little as just a couple of pounds a day.

These packages are ideal if you just want a taster, and don’t want to commit to a 12, 18 or 24 month contract. You don’t have to sign up for that length of time to bag a great deal.

Equally, several mobile internet providers offer month-long rolling contracts which can be cancelled any time you wish, without having to remember to top up when your data runs out.

Alternatively, you may find the best and most hassle-free deal for you is with a fixed-term contract, so shop around.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals, we are the best one stop shop for everything related to mobile broadband. We give you the chance to compare every deal available in the UK, from three mobile broadband deals to Vodafone mobile broadband deals and much more.

Log on today to find the right package for you.

Is it Possible to Use Mobile Broadband with My Existing Equipment?

Mobile broadband works by hooking up a laptop or PC to the Internet using a card or dongle. If you have a USB port and a compatible computer operating system, along with a relatively recent PC or laptop, you should have no problems at all getting online on the go.

And if you buy a laptop with mobile broadband built in, it should be just around ready to hook up to the web the minute you get it home. Dongles are also constantly getting more user-friendly, and tend to be fairly straightforward ‘plug and play’ devices these days – just stick it into your USB port and follow the instructions!

When buying a data card or mobile internet dongle, you need to be sure that your operating system is compatible with it – not all of them will work if you have a Mac or Linux operating systems, for example, but most will be fine with newer Microsoft Windows systems including XP, Vista and Windows 7.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals, we allow you to compare mobile broadband deals really easily online. We offer clear, straightforward comparison tables of all the mobile broadband deals available across the UK.

We also offer stacks of advice and the latest news, and reviews of every free laptop available from UK networks. In fact, we’re the one stop shop for everything you need to find the ideal mobile broadband deal for you. Check us out today.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plans – Things to Look Out For

Mobile broadband has revolutionised the way we use the Internet.  It’s made it possible for us to have the convenience of high speed Internet wherever we are.  It’s only natural that people are beginning to rely on mobile broadband more and more.  For many of us, a small data allowance is not enough to meet our mobile broadband needs.  Unlimited mobile broadband packages have emerged to fit the needs of heavy users.  However, not all unlimited mobile broadband packages are the same.  There are some things you should look out for before you commit.

Don’t be fooled by the title ‘unlimited’.  Most unlimited mobile broadband packages have a ‘fair usage policy’, meaning there is actually a cap on the amount of data you can use each month.  While some networks cap their data at a large amount, like 20GB, some cap their data as low as 3GB a month.  While heavy mobile broadband users will need the 20GB allowance, 3GB will suffice for the average user.

It’s worth considering what happens should you go over your data allowance.  Some networks will merely slow your connection speed down, meaning you are still able to use your mobile broadband without paying extra.  Others, however, have heavy charges for people who go over their data allowance.  If you don’t keep track of the amount of data you’re using, you could end up with a huge bill at the end of the month.  It’s up to you to decide how much data you think you will use and which is the best mobile broadband plan for you.

The Best Way to Compare Mobile Broadband Deals

The best mobile broadband package for you might not be the best deal for me. It all depends what kind of access you want, how much you want to download, where you’ll be spending most of your time over the next few months, and there are a whole heap of other factors to consider as well. For example, you can decide whether to go for a pay monthly mobile broadband package or sign up with a pay as you go provider. There are hundreds of possibilities from dozens of different companies, and each one has pros and cons.

Think of it just like shopping for a new sofa. You probably know roughly what you want- after all, you know what kind of space there is in the lounge, you’ll have a rough budget in mind, and you know better than anyone what that needs that sofa should cater to. Once upon a time the only way to find the perfect piece of furniture at the best possible price was to trudge from shop to shop noting down prices on a piece of paper as you went. These days you can just sit yourself down in front of the computer and bring up a price comparison website. All the work is done for you.

When you want to compare mobile broadband packages it’s just the same. Don’t bother visiting half a dozen shopfronts or even hunting through every provider’s website. You can compare the best mobile broadband offers right here, without having to search for them or make notes yourself.

Top Tips for Getting Better Mobile Internet Reception

Back in the days when mobile phones were first becoming popular in the UK, reception was patchy. It may seem hard to believe now but not so long ago there were huge sections of the UK where no normal mobile could pick up a signal. Happily, the bad old days are long gone and now almost every village has a perfectly clear signal, both for mobile internet and normal phone service.

There are, however, still places in the UK where reception is poor. Mountainous areas always create difficulties and it can still be hard to get a good signal in quite surprising locations. Mobile internet needs a good strong 3G signal if it’s going to deliver reasonable download speeds. If you’re having trouble, here are a couple of tricks you can try:

- Sit by a window or outside if the weather is sunny. This will stop walls and ceilings getting in the way of the signal.

- Change the position of the receiver. The orientation of internet phones is important and can affect the reception you get. The new iPhone is especially prone to this kind of problem. Things covering part of the internet dongle, laptop, or phone can also block the signal.

- Keep batteries well charged – low power can affect how well your device performs.

If you keep having problems, it might be worth changing provider. 3 mobile broadband will cover a different area to Vodafone mobile broadband, so choose your package carefully if you live outside a major city.

Mobile Broadband and Security

Those with friends who like a practical joke have probably experienced what happens when they leave an internet-enabled phone signed into Facebook within easy reach (and many people do stay logged in to Facebook, Twitter, and email services more or less permanently). The result is usually a less than flattering status post and a good deal of embarrassment. It’s usually not serious and as long as your mates don’t step over the line, a bit of a laugh.

However, there is a very serious side to mobile broadband security. First of all, we all know these devices aren’t cheap. The last thing you want is for a brand new iPad 32GB to get stolen or become lost. If it’s a pay monthly iPad you could end up paying a stiff price for nothing and even if you own it outright, losing something like that is never fun.

It’s not just the value of the item itself either – it’s what it can be used to access. These days doing the banking through a mobile broadband device is pretty commonplace and most of us have an account with at least a handful of online retailers. We shop through Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers all the time. Our bank and credit card details are stored online along with sensitive personal information.

If you do lose a broadband device (or any computer for that matter), change your email, shopping, and social media passwords immediately and notify your bank too. If you have a mobile broadband deal with monthly bills make sure to let your provider know as soon as possible. They may be able to help you trace the device and at the very least they’ll be able to shut off the service immediately, so you won’t end up paying for a thief’s internet.

A Checklist for Comparing Mobile Broadband Deals

If you want to work out which mobile broadband deals are worth your while and which aren’t, there are a handful of important factors to consider. Before you decide on a package make sure it suits you in all these areas:

-    Bandwidth. This is your download limit. If you’re going to be watching streaming video and downloading games and movies, aim for at least 5GB per month. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services like Skype can eat up a lot of bandwidth too. Check what happens if you accidentally exceed the limit.

-    Coverage. Different providers cover different areas. For example, Orange mobile broadband covers 94% of the UK population at home. 3’s broadband-capable network covers about 98% but some other providers cover as little as 80%. That may or may not be important depending on where you spend your time and how much you travel outside major cities.

-   Devices. Does the package come with a free laptop, an iPad, or at least a dongle? This is only really a concern if you don’t already have a mobile broadband device but there are some very tasty free laptops, tablets and netbooks available with certain mobile broadband deals.

-    Budget. Consider what you can afford and how long a contract you’re willing to sign. It’s also worth weighing up the pros and cons of monthly billing against pay as you go.

There are all kinds of mobile broadband deals available to suit all kinds of people. No matter what your needs are, you’ll be able to find the perfect one right here.

Check Your Coverage Speed on a Mobile Broadband Deal

Before you decide on a mobile broadband deal, you should be sure you are aware of a networks speed. The last thing you will want is to commit yourself to a pay monthly broadband package only to find their network is not as fast in your area as it is in another location.

Broadband speed varies in different locations. For example, while a broadband package may be incredibly quick in one area of Manchester, it may differ in another Manchester region.

If you are looking for the best speed in your area, you should ensure you receive a speed of up to 7.2MB per second. Your network connection may ultimately be affected by how close you live to a networks base station, the technology in the base station and how many people in your local area are using the same network connection.

You should be sure to check the coverage network by using a coverage map – and this information is available on our website.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can help you view coverage maps for Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange and 3. You simply type in your postcode and you will be able to view the broadband speed in your area.

Whether you require the internet on your mobile phone, laptop or internet dongle, you will need to ensure that you purchase the right network deal. We provide a range of mobile broadband deals, dongle deals, pay monthly iPads and free laptops with mobile broadband, so you should be sure to consider the network speed before you commit yourself to one of our fantastic packages.