Great Mobile Broadband Deals for Students

Being a student is, for many, a bit of a baptism of life admin fire! Bills are hateful, organising a house of under twenty-one’s to make sensible decisions about things like phone service providers etc can be a nightmare (especially if you’re the only rational one!), and settling on who’s going to empty the bin is possibly where Kofi Anan learned his diplomatic skills!

Our point? Anything you can do to limit student life stress is worth it! As former students ourselves, everyone in the office agreed on one major step – limit the group bills as much as possible. The easiest things to eradicate are the phone and internet bills.

Mobile internet dongles or mobile internet with free laptop deals are pretty much designed for student life. All your internet data allowance is personal to your own computer (unless you choose to network it) and can either be topped up PAYG or paid for monthly.

Not sure which deal is best for you? Take a look through our online guides to choosing the best mobile broadband deals for your student life. Stay connected on the move (whether that means in the pub, the library, the park, the kitchen or the Student Union for a sneaky pint after class!), reduce life admin stress and take a little more control over your student life.

We update our deals and online guides with superb regularity, so be sure to check back and keep up to date with the best offers, deals, free stuff, industry news and service provider coverage info on the web.

Desperately Seeking Great Mobile Broadband Deals

Life is anything but predictable. Oh wait, most of the time life is really quite predictable! We believe that a little forward planning can go a long way. Fair enough, there are no guarantees, but – as the Girl Guides say – be prepared!

For some folks the time to research life admin decisions (“Which teapot agitates the teabags least?”, “Do we need the extra-wide four slice toaster or the regular width one with a bagel tray?”) is time well spent and thoroughly enjoyed. But, for those of us with less patience and more I-don’t-care-as-long-as-it-works attitude, easy to understand comparison websites and reviews are the way to go!

The purpose of UK-Mobile Broadband Deals is to lay mobile broadband plans (including their ups and downs) simply in front of visitors to help you gauge the best mobile broadband for your life. Maybe you need a T-Mobile dongle for that B&B trip around the Lake District? PAYG, low data, low dongle price – sorted! Are you a student heading to university in September looking for a minimum 12 months mobile broadband contract with free laptop and large monthly data allocation? Three offer some of the best mobile broadband deals in a range of packages including free laptops and up to 15GB of data per month.

If you’re not 100% on what service provider package best suits you, check out our “Guides” area for more forward planning advice and information on everything from laptop reviews to national coverage.

Improving the Speed of Your Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband gives us the opportunity to access the Internet wherever we are. With the simple addition of a 3G dongle to our laptops we can access website, send emails and download music tracks and videos at any time and any place.  While, generally, mobile broadband offers very high speeds, there are some factors which can cause it to slow down.  Here are some tips to improve the speed of your mobile broadband.

The speed of your mobile broadband is determined by the capacity of your network.  If you are struggling with speeds, then you could consider changing your network.  In the UK, Vodafone offers the best mobile broadband speeds, followed by 3, with O2, Orange and T-Mobile supporting the lowest speeds.  But no matter how fast a speed your network can support, it means nothing if your 3G dongle is not capable of supporting those speeds.  Upgrading to a high speed dongle can improve your mobile broadband speeds.

One of the major factors affecting mobile broadband speed is the strength of the signal you receive from your network.  You signal strength will be indicated on your computer.  The lower your signal, the slower your speed will be.  Also, to get the highest mobile broadband speeds, you need to be in a 3G area.  In some cases, you can improve your signal strength by sitting closer to a window or by using a USB extension cable to attach your 3G dongle to your laptop.