Orange relaunch mobile broadband tariffs

Orange have today relaunched their mobile broadband tariffs and added a mifi device into their range.

The new Orange mobile broadband plans are not particularly exciting in terms of the amount of included data but Orange have tried to find other ways to make them interesting including:

  • A new £5 mobile broadband tariff with no included data but a low charge of only 5p per megabyte on a one month contract which may be perfect for low users.
  • Unlimited surfing for up to one hour between midnight and 4pm on some tariffs
  • Unlimited public wifi access via hotspots on some tariffs

Generally it seems Orange are trying to reduce the amount of data traffic over their network by minimising inclusive bundles and becoming more attractive to low users. With their tie up with T-Mobile this makes sense as a strategy as they can go after the low users on the congested Orange network and the high data users on the less used T-Mobile Broadband network with their unlimited mobile broadband plan. 

The other interesting thing in their announcement today was the addition of a mobile wifi device to compete alongside the offers from 3 and Vodafone. Again the tariffs aren’t hugely competitive but their are some good deals for lowish users and some interesting one month contracts.

You can see the full range of tariffs on the Orange shop here.

New Guide to 3G iPad SIMs

We’ve added a new guide to the site today, on iPad 3G SIM cards.

We’re big fans of the iPad here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals, it’s a beautiful gadget and does the one thing that Apple does so well, makes us love something we never even knew we wanted. Apart from the lack of Flash support the browsing is second to none on a mobile device and downloading  music, video and apps over the air and playing them instantly still gets us excited.

Generally we still maintain that the best way to access mobile broadband on your iPad is via a mobile WiFi device like 3’s Mifi. It’s cheaper and mobile WiFi means  you can use multiple devices on the same connection and once iPad gets Face Time it’ll also mean you can use it for video conferencing on the move. But for some people the hassle of looking after and remembering a separate mobile WiFi device means the 3G version with it’s built in SIM card slot makes more sense for them.

So we’ve put together a simple guide on what to look for in a 3G iPad SIM deal with links to buy all the pay monthly deals on the market. There are actually some pretty good deals there, you can get basic access on a one month contract for £7.50 a month and 10gb of data on a one month contract for £15 a month. Those one month contracts actually mean the iPad SIM deals are at least as attractive as the best dongle deals available which is pretty good. There aren’t too many deals out there yet but we’re sure more will follow and we wouldn’t be surprised either if some of those offers get a bit more expensive closer to Christmas so now might be a good time to snap one up as once you have the deal you’ll stay on it even if they remove it for new customers.

Either way, if you’re interested in hooking up your 3G iPad, or even thinking about one for the future, why not check out our new 3G iPad SIM Card Deals guide now.

Is MiFi / Mobile WiFi the Future Of Mobile Broadband

We came across an interesting article in Business Week magazine today (you can see it online here). The author is a user of and big fan of mobile wifi (in fact, despite being US based he uses the exact same device available in the UK from Three Mobile Broadband).

Essentially he makes the argument that in today’s world, where many of us have multiple devices (laptops, smartphones, media players, etc) capabale of going online on the move, why should we pay for multiple data or mobile broadband subscriptions to use with each device? Isn’t it better to pay for one subscription or contract and use it for all your devices?

Well mobile wifi lets you do exactly that. The small device works like a mobile broadband dongle and connects to the Internet via the mobile networks but then creates a mobile wifi hotspot that you can conncet to with multiple devices. So no more need to pay a fortune for data charges on your wifi enabled mobile phone, or to have a seperate mobile broadband and mobile phone data contract. You can just share the connection, and the single bill, amongst any wifi enabled gadgets you have.

Although we love the simplicty of just connecting a dongle and being up and running, we do like mobile wifi a lot and it seems we’re not the only ones. Novatel who make the popular MiFi mobile wifi product just reported that year on year sales were up 85% and with the success of the wifi only iPad and likely huge Christmas sales to come for it we only expect those sales to keep rising. So it does beg the question, is mobile wifi the future of mobile broadband? What do you think?

You can check out all top mobile wifi contracts in the UK in our mobile wifi section.