Some things in life really are free

There is the old adage that nothing in life comes for free, and in many cases this holds true. But, thanks to the incredibly hot competition in the mobile broadband market these days, it is possible to get your hands on some of the best computing devices around at no cost.

Companies such as 3 and Vodafone are offering consumers free laptops to encourage them to sign up to their deals. So, instead of paying hundreds of pounds for the items, you can make use of them for nothing.

This is great news, especially if you could do with a new laptop but do not have the funds to get one.

Of course, you should bear in mind that you can only take advantage of these freebies by signing up to mobile broadband deals with the firms in question. Typically, free laptop deals come with 24-month contracts, much like many mobile phone offers.

To get the most from your 3 mobile broadband and other such offerings, it is important that you take into account how much broadband data you want with your free laptop.

While it can be tempting to get carried away in the excitement and select a deal because you fall in love with the computer being offered, you may ultimately be disappointed if you don’t get the perfect contract.

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Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband for the Eternal Wanderer

For some of us, sitting still for five minutes is impossible. For folks on the move a little mobile broadband can go a long way, and we don’t mean fancy businessmen on their eternal work trips, but regular folks who just enjoy to live life and move about as much as possible… without leaving behind their trusty internet access!

Here in the UK-Mobile Broadband Deals office we spend lots of time (pretty much all of our time!) sourcing the best mobile broadband deals and creating simple online comparison guides to help you find the best deal for your lifestyle. Free laptops, boosted data allowance – we’ve seen it all – but by far one of our favourite recommendations for folks looking for seriously flexible mobile broadband is Pay As You Go mobile broadband.

PAYG Vodafone broadband is perhaps one of the most longstanding great products on the market. With excellent coverage, low dongle price (£9) and up to 2GB for £15, Vodafone has held court as the PAYG mobile broadband for travellers for some time. However, not to be outdone by their competitors, Three have recently launched a great deal including a £4.99 dongle, £15.99 data charge and 5GB data.

The simple fact is that some folks just don’t like contracts. If you’re not interested in a contract deal (no matter how awesome!) take a look at our latest Vodafone and Three PAYG deals to satisfy the thirst for internet knowledge of the eternal wanderer within.

Avoid Confusion When Sourcing Mobile Broadband

There has never been a better time to source mobile broadband. The technology involved in such provisions is improving all the time, meaning consumers have access to excellent services.

Also, because of the tough competition between firms operating in the sector, it is possible to source great deals if and when you decide to invest in web access of this kind. However, the high level of choice also has a downside. Because of the sheer number of offers around, it can be difficult to know which type of service to go for and which firm to source it from.

But by coming here and using our website, you can avoid any such trouble. We are an independent organisation and only provide accurate and impartial information. This means you can trust what we say.

Also, because of the straightforward and logical layout of our site, you should not have a problem in terms of navigating your way to relevant mobile broadband deals.

Whether you are specifically seeking pay as you go mobile broadband, pay monthly mobile broadband or any other type of offering, you can narrow your search down in this way. You can also focus your research if have a particular company in mind, are keen to get a free laptop with your deal or have another such priority.

So, rather than spending a long time hunting for offerings yourself, you might benefit from using the information gathered here when you are trying to choose a mobile broadband provider. To find out more, simply have a look around our site.

Great Flexibility with Pay as You Go Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband has completely revolutionised the world of technology. It is now possible to check emails, shop, conduct research and much more over the web while on the move. Indeed, many people rely on such provisions to help them get on with their work when they are away from the office or to pass the time while they are on public transport, among other things.

However, you might have been reluctant to sign up to a contract for such services because you do not want to commit finically to a long-term agreement. After all, the economy is still recovering and there is a great deal of uncertainty in the jobs market. Also, the cost of living is rising, making it even more difficult for consumers.

But you should not rule out mobile broadband for this reason alone. Companies know that they have to provide different types of deals for consumers with varying needs and requirements and as well as contracts, they also offer pay as you go options.

This means you might be able to find provisions that perfectly meet your needs. In some ways, the flexibility this type of service permits enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can access the web while out and about but you do not have to enter into financial commitments.

By having a look around our website, you can quickly and easily compare mobile broadband deals and will find pay as you go mobile broadband options as well as contract offers.

An Introduction to Mobile Broadband

The evolution of mobile broadband technology has revolutionised internet communication as it can do everything that wired broadband connection is capable of without needing a fixed-line telephone connection. This means that you can access the internet while you’re on the move or anywhere away from home. So, whether you want to send email, surf the ‘net, stream videos or download files, mobile broadband lets you do it all.

Mobile broadband works by using either a small, portable USB modem (often called an internet dongle) or a built-in device (on more recent laptops) to connect to the internet via the same signal which mobile phones use. This means that wherever you are, as long as you can get a decent mobile phone signal, you can connect to the Internet. Dongles are very straightforward to use and operate on a ‘plug and play’ basis; this means that all you have to do is plug it straight into a spare USB port, follow the on-screen instructions and then you’re done – broadband, wherever you need it! However, when purchasing a mobile broadband dongle, it is very important to ensure that you check beforehand that your laptop or netbook’s operating system will be compatible with it. Not all dongles will work on computers which run Mac or Linux operating systems, although most will be fine with the most recent MS Windows systems like XP, Vista and Windows Seven.

To find out more, browse through our pages here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals.

Mobile Broadband Options

Because of the convenience it offers, more people than ever are now looking to purchase mobile broadband. Essentially, there are two main choices currently available to consumers: contract, or pay as you go (PAYG). These two options were once as different as chalk and cheese, but over time, the differences between them have become less stark. For example, some contract options are now available which run for very short periods such as a month, while pay-as-you-go gift packs can be bought which include very large amounts of pre-loaded credit. However, although both options may occasionally tread on each other‘s toes, they are still very separate prospects.

Contract deals usually offer better value for money than PAYG in the long run. Mobile broadband providers also tend to reward contract customers’ long-term commitment by giving them free dongles, cheaper download rates, and even free laptops. Naturally, once the contract has been signed, consumers are bound by the terms and conditions, and so will normally have to pay handsomely if they want to leave before the agreed contract end date.

The chief benefit of pay-as-you-go mobile broadband is that consumers are not restricted to any kind of contract. Alternatively, PAYG customers simply ‘top up’ their account with credit as and when they need to. This can often be a very economical option for people who only require moderate Internet access. However, PAYG consumers frequently have to pay more for their internet dongle and experience higher usage rates.

Using Your Mobile Broadband Overseas

If you’re wondering whether your mobile broadband will work abroad, you should understand that some mobile internet tariffs have a block on them, so that you can only use them within the United Kingdom.

In particular, this is often the case with pay as you go arrangements. But if this block doesn’t apply with your deal, you can go online wherever you happen to be in the world, as long as your mobile broadband provider has an agreement with the country you are visiting. This use of going online on your laptop outside Britain is generally known as ‘roaming’.

The good news is that prices have come down in recent years, particularly in EU countries, where they are cheaper than elsewhere. There are new laws in place to cap how much your bill can be – once you’ve spent around 50 Euros you will be cut off, unless you have another arrangement in place in advance.

And you should be able to use your dongle or card abroad. But be aware of what you will be charged before you travel, as rates are not always cheap.

If you’re looking for mobile broadband deals, for use at home or overseas, check out what we have to offer at UK Mobile Broadband Deals, whether you want to pay as you go or pay monthly mobile broadband bills. We also let you know which providers are offering free laptops!

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Mobile Broadband – Avoiding Unexpected Charges

For people who are constantly on the go, mobile broadband is becoming an increasingly popular way to access the Internet.  The mobile broadband market, however, is still relatively new, and it can be difficult to wade through the wealth of charges and price plans that are out there.  Uneducated users can end up with excessive charges way above and beyond what they thought they were paying for.  In spite of this, there are various measures you can take to ensure you’re not lumbered with unexpected mobile broadband charges.

If you opt for a pay monthly mobile broadband contract, then you will have a limit to the amount of data you can use each month.  While some network providers merely slow your connection speed down if you exceed your usage allowance, others will have a fixed charge per MB you go over.  With some networks, this can be as much as £15.  If you have a pay monthly contract, always use the application on your computer to keep track of how much data you’re using to avoid unexpected charges.

It’s much simpler to keep track of how much you’re spending with a pay as you go mobile broadband contract, simply ‘topping up’ your data whenever you need it.  You can spend as much ‘topping up’ as you can afford.  Bear in mind though that, if you opt for this type of contract, you will have to pay for your 3G dongle, which could be as much as £60, and the data you purchase usually expires within 30 days.

Compare Mobile Broadband to get the Best Deal

The Internet has transformed the way we live our lives in many ways.  Not only has it changed the way we communicate, it’s revolutionised the way we listen to music and watch film and television shows, as well as opening us up to a world of information at our fingertips.  In our homes, we are becoming used to having high speed internet available at all times.  It’s become such an integral part of our lives that it’s no longer enough to leave the Internet at home when we go out.  Thankfully, the emergence of mobile broadband has meant that we no longer have to.  It’s made us able to have the power of the Internet with us at all times, and if you compare mobile broadband deals, you’ll find there’s a package to suit everyone.

Taking the time to compare mobile broadband deals can help you to find the perfect package for you.  The best mobile broadband package for you may not be the most expensive, or most affordable, one.  The best starting point is to find out how much data you think you will need.

Mobile broadband packages start from a 1GB a month allowance; more than enough for the light user, ranging to 15GB a month, or even unlimited, packages; ideal for those who will be using mobile broadband on a daily basis.  There are even pay monthly packages where you can get a free laptop.  Only if you compare mobile broadband deals will you find the package to suit you.

Pay Monthly or Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make before choosing a mobile broadband package is the billing method. You can either opt to pay as you go or get billed a set amount at the end of each month. Most packages fall into one of those two categories. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one and it’s worth thinking seriously about which suits you best.

Picking a pay monthly mobile broadband package with a fixed rate means you’ll know exactly how much the service will cost each month and when the bills will fall due. It’s regular and predictable and you’ll never run out of credit with a pay monthly mobile broadband deal. You might run out of bandwidth but as long as you keep paying your bills and don’t download more than your allocation (if there is one associated with your deal), a broadband service will always be there ready to use.

With pay as you go mobile broadband you’ll have to top up every now and again, and that does mean your credit might run low at an inconvenient time. Your costs will vary each month but on the positive side, you only pay for what you use. That means that if you take a two week holiday one month, you won’t be paying for a fortnight of mobile broadband you’re not going to use.

Think about how your usage might vary from month to month. If it will stay more or less steady, a pay monthly package might be better, and but if it is likely to vary a lot, pay as you go could be the best option. We recommend checking out both pay as you go and pay monthly deals before making a decision. Compare what you’ll get under each scenario for your approximate monthly budget and then make a decision.

Compare Deals with UK-Mobile Broadband Deals

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, we can help you compare prices on mobile broadband deals, so you can find the best mobile broadband offer for your needs.

Mobile broadband ultimately allows you to connect to the internet without the need for a WiFi internet connection or a fixed line. You simply connect a dongle into a laptop or a computer and you can access the internet at your leisure.

We can also provide you with information on a mobile broadband deal so you can thoroughly identify the best package for you. We can help you compare the best mobile broadband brands such as T-Mobile, O2, Orange, 3 and Vodafone.

We can compare deals on a range of mobile Wi-Fi deals, iPad contracts, Samsung Galaxy tablet contracts and free laptop contracts.

Our mobile Wi-Fi deals allow you to access the internet on your mobile phone everywhere you go. We can also offer you a range of contracts at a variety of budgets, so whether you need a mobile Wi-Fi contract for a month or up to two years, we can help.

The iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet are one of the newest gadgets and have become incredibly popular since their release onto the market. We can help you compare these sought after products to find the best pay monthly iPad package.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, we provide our customers with the latest industry news and we continually update our package prices and information when subject to change.

Our mission is to ensure you receive the best deal for your budget and requirements. We are a trustworthy company and will ensure you will not receive any hidden charges.

Orange relaunch mobile broadband tariffs

Orange have today relaunched their mobile broadband tariffs and added a mifi device into their range.

The new Orange mobile broadband plans are not particularly exciting in terms of the amount of included data but Orange have tried to find other ways to make them interesting including:

  • A new £5 mobile broadband tariff with no included data but a low charge of only 5p per megabyte on a one month contract which may be perfect for low users.
  • Unlimited surfing for up to one hour between midnight and 4pm on some tariffs
  • Unlimited public wifi access via hotspots on some tariffs

Generally it seems Orange are trying to reduce the amount of data traffic over their network by minimising inclusive bundles and becoming more attractive to low users. With their tie up with T-Mobile this makes sense as a strategy as they can go after the low users on the congested Orange network and the high data users on the less used T-Mobile Broadband network with their unlimited mobile broadband plan. 

The other interesting thing in their announcement today was the addition of a mobile wifi device to compete alongside the offers from 3 and Vodafone. Again the tariffs aren’t hugely competitive but their are some good deals for lowish users and some interesting one month contracts.

You can see the full range of tariffs on the Orange shop here.

Free Spotify Premium Offer With 3 Mobile Broadband

There’s an interesting, if little publicised, offer on at the moment on all mobile broadband deals with 3 Mobile (dongle, SIM only, free laptop, mobile WiFi, iPad SIMs).

As a 3 Mobile broadband customer you can get three months access to the premium version of Spotify for free. Spotify is a great music streaming service and the premium account lets you stream unlimited music from a vast library at no cost and with no adverts. You can stream the tracks to your PC or laptop and (and this is probably the biggest advantage of the premium account) to a compatible mobile device like a smartphone or ipod. It normally costs £10 a month and there’s no obligation when they three months end. You can obviously stream the music out of your mobile broadband allowance or any other way you’d access spotify.

We love Spotify and think this is a brilliant deal and one Three should probably be making more of. You can see the full T&Cs on the deal pages of any of Three’s mobile broadband deals.