The Perks of Being Mobile

We’re pretty much all used to it now, but if you’re over about eighteen-years-old you’ll likely remember a time when we had to dart wildly between PC’s and dial-up connections to check emails, and cheat at pub quizzes.

Mobile broadband may have taken the sportsmanship out of the Great British Pub Quiz, but that’s the only downside we can see to being 100% mobile and connected 24/7. Well, that and the fact there’s never an excuse for being out of touch when your boss unreasonably emails a proposal to edit at 10:45PM when you’re in the pub!

Amazing Coverage

In June, Ofcom gave service providers the go ahead to trade spectrum licences. In layman’s terms that could end up meaning less network congestion at peak times, more prolific coverage and an all-round better mobile broadband service across all involved service providers.

Free Laptop Deals

Pay monthly laptops are one of those wonderful we-can’t-believe-it deal trends that are becoming more widespread as the norm. Currently, Three and Vodafone tend to run the best deals, with data allowances up to 15GB (with Three) and monthly fees between £25-37. That said, you don’t want to invest your monthly finances in garbage devices and mobile broadband services, so we’ve created some comprehensive (but very understandable) laptop reviews and service guides. Take your pick from the top seven pay monthly laptops from Three and Vodafone using our expert reviews in the “Free Laptop Reviews” area of the website. And, although they’re not free, a little look at the iPad and tablet packages on offer could prove very seductive!

Free Stuff and Top Mobile Broadband Deals

If there’s one thing in life we all love, it’s free stuff! The bottom line of the mobile broadband market is that it’s competitive, which bodes well for you because the best mobile broadband deals tend to involve (you guessed it!) really, REALLY great free stuff deals!

Free laptops are the choice du jour of most mobile broadband service providers. Think of the contract structure as being pretty similar to your contract mobile phone i.e. the laptop is free when you take out a particular contract. For example, Vodafone are currently running deals ranging from £25-37/month on 1GB, 2GB, 3GB and 5GB mobile broadband + laptop deals (although some deals come with a free laptop, others carry a one-time charge of between around £29-49)

Have you visited our “Laptop Reviews” area? As with your mobile phone, it doesn’t make sense to buy a laptop that’s not ideally suited to your lifestyle. A little research can go a long way! We’ve reviewed the performance specs and value for money on the top seven free laptop mobile broadband deals on the web. Our reviews are comprehensive but understandable to the layman, meaning less tech savvy folks can get a clear idea of which laptops are best for them without the dreaded “jargon” of most electronic device reviews.

We update our reviews regularly so be sure to check back from time to time just in case the ideal machine for you pops up in our free laptops reviews.

Get Free Laptops with Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is taking the UK by storm, with more deals on offer than ever. Some providers are even offering free laptops with mobile broadband packages.

But before you grab the first mobile broadband with free laptop package you stumble across, make sure you are getting the best deal. That means making sure you aren’t being tied into an unusually long contract of up to 24 months, or paying a higher monthly fee for your mobile broadband.

Compare mobile broadband with free laptop deals and look for the package with the shortest contract and the lowest monthly charge. Equally, compare them with packages which don’t include a free computer, so you can see how much more you would be paying for the laptop.

You also need to be sure that the deal you commit to meets your needs in terms of mobile use. Your area needs to have coverage, while speed and download limits also need to be high enough.

However, even if you are effectively spreading the cost of your laptop over several months by paying additional charges, it could still be a very affordable way of bagging a new computer.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals we let you compare mobile broadband with free laptop deals so you can find a package that’s right for you. Our website is crammed with news and advice as well as reviews of every free laptop being offered by UK networks. Log on today and learn more.

Finding the Right Laptop

The average laptop will last an owner for approximately three years, and here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can provide you with a free laptop deals with contracts from 18 up to 24 months. Therefore, you can potentially continue to use your free laptop once your contract has finished.

What Laptop Best Suits Your Needs?
You should consider the type of pay monthly laptop you want before you make your purchase. If you regularly watch DVDs on your laptop then you should consider purchasing a full sized laptop with a wide screen. However, if only require a laptop for internet browsing and checking mail, you should consider purchasing a netbook. Netbooks are also extremely portable due to them being small and lightweight.

The Perfect Laptop for Your Requirements and Budget
If you are on a tight budget then Netbooks are the ideal choice. However, full sized laptop prices vary depending on their capabilities, size, wide screen size and mobile broadband data allowances – so if you require a computer that has wide storage space and a variety of features, then it may be worth paying that little bit extra.

The Style of Your Laptop
If style is important to you then you will want to ensure you purchase an attractive laptop that appears sophisticated and technological. Therefore, you should be sure to purchase a laptop with a respected brand name, has a colour to suit your taste and will make a beautiful addition to a desk. However, if performance is more important to you then you should identify a laptops features, capabilities and operating system.

The Best Free Laptop Deals

If you are looking for a free laptop contract then you should ensure you purchase the best deal for your budget, and this is where us here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals come in.

We can help you compare pay monthly laptops to find the best free laptop deal for you. Most companies will offer mobile broadband with free monthly laptops. So, before you consider purchasing a fixed line or Wi-Fi broadband, it may make sense to purchase one pay monthly package that matches your budget.

Most networks usually only offer 24 month contracts, so you should be sure this is a commitment you want to make before you decide to purchase a pay monthly laptop contract.

If you regularly use the internet for watching music, downloading or storing numerous files or applications, then you should consider the amount of storage that you will require with your free monthly contract. The last thing you want to do is to make a commitment to a 24 month contract only to find your free laptop doesn’t fit your needs.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can offer you the best deals from some of the best networks in the industry, such as Vodafone and 3.

We can help you compare the best free laptop deals, with laptops which have a range of features, hard drives and monitor inches.

If you would like to know more about our free laptop deals, you should be sure to browse our website. We are a trustworthy company that only offer a comprehensive range of deals from the best network brands. We also constantly update our package information should the free laptop deals be subject to any change.