Pay Your Price to be a Smartphone User

Pay Your Price to be a Smartphone User

From a necessity to fashion statement, smartphones have captured the minds and hearts of people. The shift from conventional cell phones to smartphones has introduced the world to new heights of mobile technology which has made our communication easier and more comfortable. The major downside to this technology is the misuse and negligence of users which may compromise their security. Personal information of the user like their phonebook, passwords, messages, photo gallery including other data can jeopardize the user’s security if fallen into the wrong hands. Similarly tracking software like cell phone spy app can easily detect your location even from remote distances.
Both Android and iPhone, the two big names in smartphone operating software, are vulnerable to malware, which can be a nuisance in the long run.

GPS could facilitate Hackers

There is huge amount of private information available from a smartphone – Information regarding online accounts that you access from your smartphone and the sites you have visited from the phone are all stored on the device. Moreover, services and features like Google maps and other applications which provide GPS facility, which can also be used to gather information about your whereabouts and current location. This data can easily be accessed by physically browsing the phone or through spyware and malware which can be installed into the handset without manually touching it and can thus be programmed to forward such sort of information. Hackers and other dodgy people intending to harm your mobile phone can even control your smartphone from a distance. This has been proven in the situation of silent activation, in which discreet calls have been made from your phone to the premium numbers without your knowledge, and you become aware of it only by the end of the month on receiving your phone bill.

BlackBerry over Android and Apple?

One cannot fathom which the safest smartphone is – each operating system has its own weak points and strengths, for example Blackberry is the only platform which offers a data encryption feature, which encrypts and secures the data in your phone – one reason for Blackberry’s popularity amongst business consumers whose priority is in keeping their data safe. Although encryption will reduce the chances of information being leaked or stolen it does not guarantee complete safety.

On the other hand, iOS maintains the sand box feature. Apple allows programs to be run separately from other OS and makes the iPhone experience far more secure. However, recent issues in multitasking technologies prove that this sand box feature may not increase the safety of the data. Another huge competitor is Android, which is notorious for its security blunders and issues. It is easier to target and hack the Android software as compared to others, as it is similar to the operating systems of computers.

However, the major problem and security lapse in Android based phones is due to the Android market place, and not the phones themselves. Being an open OS anyone can develop an app for Android and introduce it in to the Android app market. They easily escape the quality check, as there are very few quality checks or security measures in the market taken before the app is made available in the market for millions of users to download and install. It is in this phase that developers implant Android spyware and spread it to different users.

Urgent – Changes To T-Mobile T&Cs from 1/11

We’ve been browsing through the legal information on T-Mobile’s site and came across a pretty significant change to their mobile broadband terms and conditions due to hit from November 1st.

T-Mobile’s policy in the past has always been that you will never be charged extra for going over your usage allowance but that looks like it’s about to change. The new T&Cs state that: ‘From 1 November 2012, once you have exceeded your inclusive data monthly allowance, your service will not be restricted but it will cost you a flat rate of £3 a day for out of bundle usage. You will be charged once for each day you use out of bundle data between the date you exceed your inclusive data monthly allowance and the date of your next bill. The total will be added to your next monthly bill. You won’t be charged this rate if you don’t use the service on a particular day. For this £3 daily flat rate you can continue to use your plan as normal and you can use as much data as you want that day.’

Now this runs contrary to the fair usage policy they also have on their site at exactly the same time. We just double checked and this is still live on the site too:


“Fair Use Policy for mobile broadband

However much you use the internet, you’ll never get charged extra
We’re the only operator to offer you a fixed price for browsing and emailing on your mobile broadband connection with no limits and no extra charges.

Never pay more than your monthly fixed price
You can always browse and email with no limits
Perfect for getting online when you’re out and about

Is there an allowance?
You can browse and email as much as you want.

Your plan will come with an allowance which varies depending on the plan that you select however we will not charge you if you go over your allowance. If they go over their allowance we will not charge any extra or prevent them from using the internet however we may restrict their usage on downloads and streaming.”


However, bearing in mind the new T&Cs above it’s even more important than ever to check what you’re actually signing up for with T-Mobile. We’ll be editing our recommendations and comparison tables over the next few days now we’ve spotted this but we wanted to push a blog update out there as soon as we saw this. If you are in any doubt at all about a contract you intend to take out with them or one you already have we suggest you contact T-Mobile immediately.

Mobile Broadband Usage Up 68%

Social Networking and Video Drive Use in First Half Of 2010

Laptop with mobile broadband dongleA report by Allot Communications out today of 190 million mobile broadband subscribers worldwide shows that mobile broadband usage was up 68% in the first half of 2010 as the technology continues to grow at a fast rate.

The company released its Mobile Trend Global Mobile Broadband Traffic Report today and the study had some interesting findings. Whilst total bandwidth used by mobile broadband was up by the 68% figure, there was a huge spike in the usage of social networking over mobile broadband with Facebook up 200% and Twitter up 310% suggesting that mobile broadband is continuing to move away from the traditional business on the move usage and more into consumer territory. This was further backed up by impressive bandwidth

increases in video over mobile broadband – up 92% – largely due to the popularity of video streaming sites like You Tube and also strong growth in Skype and Instant Messaging. The popularity of Apple’s new iPad device is also likely to be a factor.

Allot Communications’ President and CEO, Rami Hadar said, “The results of our latest MobileTrends Report reinforces that mobile broadband operators continue to face growing challenges as subscribers demand real-time content through an array of smartphones and Internet devices.”

“The findings also clearly demonstrate the close ties between mobile broadband and social networking. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, social networking via mobile devices is becoming a ‘must have’ for subscribers and we expect that this is just the beginning,” added Hadar.

Samsung Demos Superfast Wimax 2

330Mbps speeds in glimpse of the future of mobile broadband

Wimax logoMobile broadband speeds are notoriously unpredictable. At their best they can exceed most home broadband connections and nip along at speeds close to the maximum 3G speed of 7.2Mbps. For most users, most of the time, however, you can expect a realistic speed of something more like 1Mbps, perfectly usable and acceptable for on the go broadband access but nothing to write home about.

So we were excited this morning when we saw a glimpse of the potential future of mobile broadband in the form of a demo by South Korean giants Samsung of the new WiMax 2 technology. For those not quite as geeky as us Wimax is a fairly new technology that allows wide coverage of high speed data access. Think of it as something of a cross between a vast high speed WiFi network and the traditional mobile phone networks. The demo by Samsung was of the latest version of this early technology; Wimax 2.

Samsung showed off the technology delivering speeds of a whopping 330Mbps, mobile broadband roughly 20 – 30 times faster than the fastest home broadband speeds widely available right now. Samsung showed 16 high definition videos streaming through four different screens using the same connection with no lag. It’s obviously very early days and we don’t expect to see mobile broadband like this commercially available in the UK anytime soon but it is an exciting glimpse of what the future might hold and something for us all to dream of.

Public WiFI Networks Vulnerable To Hackers

Mobile Broadband Much Safer For Username and Password Security

Hacker logoA recent study by card protection and insurance company CPP revealed more dangers surrounding the use of public and even homeWiFi networks in a revelation that throws light on the benefits of mobile broadband from a security, as well as convenience, perspective.

In a so-called ‘ethical hacking’ experiment researchers logged on to public WiFi hotspots in town centre cafes and restaurants and were able to quickly and easily harvest personal information from others who had used the hotspots. The researchers were able to collect usernames and passwords at a rate of more than 350 an hour whilst logged on to the networks throwing a spotlight on the dangers of logging on to public WiFi networks when out an about on your laptop. In contrast users of mobile broadband would have been secure as the researchers / hackers would not have been able to access the same internet connection. The lesson appears to be clear, be very wary of accessing anything sensitive on a public WiFi network and use a mobile broadband dongle if you want to use the Internet securely when out an about.

Even home networks weren’t immune to the dangers of hacking. In the same study CPP found that roughly a quarter of 40,000 networks identified had no password protection leaving them vulnerable and of those that did have protection most had only basic passwords that the hackers were able to bypass in seconds.

Three MiFi Wins T3 Gadget of The Year

Popular Mobile WiFI Device Beats Of Strong Competition to Claim Prize

3 MifiThe popular 3 MiFi device last night won the coveted ”best work gadget of the year” award from gadget magazine T3. The device beat of strong competition from other top gadgets nominated including the Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone 4 and Blackberry Bold 9700. The award comes on top of other mobile broadband themed prizes won by 3 in recent weeks including Best Network for Mobile Broadband at the Broadband Genie Awards, Best Value Mobile Broadband at the Top10 and number one network for iPhone from YouGov.

As with a dongle, MiFi uses the mobile phone 3G networks to create a mobile broadband signal at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, however, the difference is that MiFi then creates a local WiFi hotspo with the connection that up to five gadgets at once can conncet to. So you can access the Internet, for example a couple of laptops, an iPod Touch, a Nintendo DSi and a smart phone all at once off one high speed mobile broadband connection.

MiFi is available free on contract from 3 with deals from just £9.50 a month. Compare all UK MiFi Deals.

Facebook Top Site As MBB Usage Grows

Social network site heads list of most visited sites in new research

Facebook3 Mobile broadband this week released research showing how their customers are using their mobile internet service. The data was only from mobile broadband dongle users and the staggering fact was that in July alone more than 2.5 terabytes (2,500 gigabytes) of data were downloaded over Three’s network alone.

Not surprisingly Facebook was by far the most visited site and accounted for almost a third of the data usage. Less expected though was the fact that the second highest amount of downloads came from social gaming platform Zynga, with almost 15% of the total. Zynga produce games Farmville, popular with social network users and relatively graphically intense which explains part of the high data usage – but still, 15%? On Farmville? Other domains to make the top 10 include the usual suspects of Google, You Tube, MSN and Hotmail with Apple a high placed site too – probably related to downloads from the iTunes platform.

All this suggests a huge amount of mobile broadband usage, and particularly consumer rather than business usage which is consistent with other studies we’ve seen recently showing a big increase in mobile internet take up over the last year or so. Not so long ago mobile broadband was expensive and largely the preserve of business customers so it’s great to see high allowance, low cost deals like T-Mobile’s unlimited mobile broadband offer and 3’s own 15gb internet dongle deal cutting through with a consumer audience. We firmly believe that mobile broadband should be for everyone and even if we’re a bit surprised to see social gaming doing so well we’re certainly delighted to see the technology breaking through to a wider audience.

Talk Talk Moves Into Mobile Broadband

PoUK ISP announces move to mobile as well as fixed Internet access

Talk TalkInternet Service Provider Talk Talk has today announced they are broadening their offer to include a new mobile broadband deal for existing customers. Talk Talk were recently spun out of Carphone Warehouse but are now an independent company and are infamous for their ‘broadband is free’ campaign a few years ago where they offered free broadband with a phone line contract and struggles to cope with the unprecedented demand they drove. Since then they have gone on to become a respected ISP with a large share of the UK market.

The move into mobile broadband is a natural extension for the brand and the service will run as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) on the Vodafone mobile broadband network meaning consumers should get similar mobile broadband coverage and speeds to existing Vodafone mobile broadband customers.

The Talk Talk offer will be available for existing customers only and in future is likely to be part of a ‘triple play’ deal with fixed broadband and a phone line for a set monthly fee. For now it costs £29.99 for the dongle and then £10 a month on a rolling one month contract for 1gb of data allowance. This is similar to other offers on the market but noticeably more expensive than the market leader 3 Mobile Broadband’s one month, one gigabyte deal.

Three Voted Network Of The Year Again

Great value mobile broadband provider gets accolade from You Guv

3 Logo3 Mobile Broadband have been voted network of the year for the second successive year by a You Gov study of thousands of mobile broadband users. Three were ranked top in eight different categories including most reliable connection, fastest mobile broadband speeds, best value for money and easiest to use service. Three have been picking up plenty of awards recently including best mobile broadband network from comparison sites like Top10 and Broadband Expert but the You Gov survey carries particular weight because of the official nature of the award and the number of consumers included in the study.

Three’s Director of Mobile Broadband commented on the award saying We’re thrilled that our customers have rated us the number one mobile broadband provider in the UK for the second time running, but also that smartphone users, including iPhone customers, are seeing the value of our strong 3G network. It’s a huge accolade and we can’t thank our customers enough.”

The iPhone reference refers to yet another award for 3 recently when they were credited as best network for mobile internet on iPhone, also by You Gov. Three are making a big deal of the recent awards as they try to push the message in their marketing that they are the number one network for internet access on the go, including takeovers of several tube stations with the message and taking over the entire front and back cover of the Metro newspaper today.

Compare Three’s Mobile Broadband Offers

WiFi Hotspot Launches on London Underground

BT Open Zone trial mobile broadband by WiFi at Charing Cross

Tube logoToday sees the start of a live trial of the feasibility of delivering mobile broadband over wifi on the London Underground. Transport for London, in partnership with BT, have started a trial of the service at Charing Cross station with users able to access the hotspot on the platforms of both the Bakerloo and Northern Lines in a move which, if successful, could see the access extended throughout the tube network, presumably including within the tunnels themselves.

The trial has been set up as a BT Open Zone hotspot which is great news for London based mobile broadband customers of O2Vodafone and Orange who include free access to BT WiFi hotspots in their best mobile broadband deals. For other users you can still access the hotspots but will need to pay for access via a voucher, as with other Open Zone hotspots. If extended this move could see a real advantage for mobile broadband providers including WiFi in their tariffs and could potentially really shake up the market as their is currently no other way to access phone or internet services underground.

The trial will run for six months and will benefit the 68,000 passengers who use Charing Cross station every day. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has committed to making mobile communications available on the tube, preferably in time for the 2012 Olympics and this move looks like it may be one of the most cost effective ways of doing that.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Well Received

Samsung target one million sales for tablet PC device

Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung’s iPad rival the Galaxy Tab launched in the UK this week and early reviews and sales look very positive for the South Korean electronics giant. The 7″ Android powered tablet PC has been largely well received by the media and public as the most credible alternative to the popular Apple device and the Head of Samsung’s Mobile Division has targeted one million sales by the end of the year.

The Galaxy Tab and other tablets are hugely exciting devices for mobile broadband users as they offer a highly portable and easy to use way of accessing the mobile internet when out and about, especially when paired with a mifi device like those from 3 Mobile Broadband and Orange. Their compact size, customisable apps and touchscreens bring a new dimension to browsing on the move and whilst they obviously don’t have all the functionality of a free laptop or netbook their portable nature, ‘instant on’ function and ever growing range of games mean they do have some advantages.

One disadvantage, so far at least, is the price which has not been as well received as the actual devices. The Galaxy Tab retails at around £500 whilst an iPad is closer to £600, almost twice the cost of a good netbook. It remains to be seen whether the networks will look to bundle subsidised tablets with mobile broadband in the way they do with pay monthly laptops which could see their popularity explode.

87% Of Population In Mobile Broadband Areas

OfCom research contrasts with higher numbers reported by networks

Ofcom logoTelephone regulator Ofcom has published research showing that 87% of the population now live within 3G coverage and thus can have access to high speed mobile broadband where they live.

As network quality and coverage become more differentiating and competitive factors for the main networks it’s no surprise to see them investing in it more which is great news for us consumers. The research does contrast slightly with the announcements made by the mobile broadband providers about their coverage, 3 for example claim 97% population coverage and Orange 95% coverage with 3G but this will almost certainly be due to the methodology used.

Ofcom’s research found that only 12% of the population weren’t happy with the current level of mobile broadband coverage which matches very closely with the proportion of the population not covered at home. Also, large population centres were, not surprisingly, well covered but rural villages in large, sparsely populated areas of the UK, especially in Wales and Scotland were not within reach of 3G coverage, definitely a factor in the current debate about the digital divide.

You can check mobile broadband coverage in out coverage and speed section.

3 Send Out Human Hotspots Across UK

Users can connect to hotspots wirelessly as with a MiFi device

3 Human HotspotIn an interesting PR stunt, the 3 network will be sending out ‘human wireless hotspots’ to locations across the UK in the run up to Christmas. The human hotspots will be dressed in all in white costumes and will be carrying MiFidevices which allow users to access the 3 mobile broadband service over wifi. Anyone who spots one of the walking hotspots will be able to connect to the wireless access point for free and try out the service.

MiFi works by connecting to the mobile broadband network, just like an internet dongle, but instead of being tied to just one device it sets up a mobile wifi hotspot and allows you to connect up to five devices at once. It is proving very popular with users who are increasingly carrying more than one device capable of accessing the internet and means you can connect a laptop, tablet computer, smartphone, MP3 player and other internet connected devices like sat navs and cameras at the same time and only pay for one connection. The human hotspot service may be just a PR stunt for 3 but if you’re doing your Christmas shopping when they are around and are interested in the service it could be a good opportunity to try it out.

The 3 Mobile Broadband human hotspots will be in the following cities in the run up to Christmas:

- London 19/11
- Cardiff 26/11
- Bristol 27/11
- Nottingham 4/12
- Newcastle 11/12

To see the latest offers on mifi and mobile wifi check out our mifi offers page

Orange and T-Mobile confirm launch of popular tablet with MBB

iPadThe Apple iPad took the world by storm when it launched earlier this year and sales have been very impressive but held back in part because of the relatively high price (up to £600 for the 3G edition). So today’s announcement from T-Mobile and Orange that they will offer heavily subsidised (though sadly not free) iPads with mobile broadband contracts is great news for anyone tempted but the undeniably attractive device but put off by the hefty price tag.

Details are a little sketchy still at this stage (watch out for a follow up news story or a blog when we know more about pricing) but reading between the lines it appears that the two networks will offer the device for a heavily discounted £200 to users signing up for a two year mobile broadband contract with them (presumably at around the £30 a month price point). This is likely to mean that you do pay more over the two years that you would if just buying the iPad outright but you will get the benefit of the mobile broadband subscription on top plus a deeply discounted up front fee. If they can get this launched in time for Christmas it could mean a lot more iPads under the tree this year and a big boost for Orange and T-Mobile as it would appear that at least for know this offer would be exclusive to their networks.

One thing to bear in mind is that the iPad isn’t quite the market leader it was when it launched as a series of Android powered tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab have launched since with more features and higher specs and there are rumours of an iPad 2 next year which could render the old one obsolete but the user still tied in to nearly two years of contract. Never the less this is an exciting development and we certainly hope to see more tablets made available with mobile broadband to join the pay monthly laptop deals we already see regularly.

Vodafone reduces roaming charges in Europe

Network makes it much cheaper to use mobile broadband abroad

3 LogoWhilst historically it has been horrendously expensive to use mobile broadband abroad we’ve recently seen the networks launching more and more competitive offers to entice you to take your dongle with you rather than leave it at home. [Read more...]

iPad on Contract Deals Now Live

Popular Tablet Computer Now Available With Mobile Broadband

Steve Jobs With iPadAfter some feverish speculation here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals over the last week or two the first iPad with mobile broadband deals are now live and they aren’t bad at all. [Read more...]

iPad Deals Now Available on 3

More mobile broadband for less to attract customers

iPadThree have today launched the iPad with mobile broadband on their online shop.

In a move which undercuts T-Mobile and Orange, Three are offering the iPad on pay monthly with 15gb of mobile broadband access every month for just £25 a month. The price with Orange and T-Mobile is £27 a month (reduced to £25 in you are an existing customer of the network) and for only 1gb of anytime mobile broadband and 1gb of offpeak mobile broadband. Three’s up front prices are exactly the same as Orange and T-Mobile at:

- £199 for 16gb iPad
-£249 for 32gb iPad
-£349 for 64gb iPad

Three have won plenty of awards recently for their 3G coverage and quality of their mobile broadband deals but ir remains to be seen how much the major advertising push and first mover advantage will benefit the Orange iPad and T-Mobile iPad offers.

See all iPad contract deals

Compare Three’s Mobile Broadband Offers

Never let sourcing mobile internet give you a headache

There are plenty of advantages of being alive today rather than in bygone eras. For example, in previous decades, the joys and convenience of mobile internet had not yet been discovered. In contrast, these days you can shop, play games, watch videos, check emails and much more while out and about.

However, there is a flipside to modern life and that is its hectic nature. You might find that you rarely have a spare moment.

This can cause problems when you are trying to source mobile broadband deals. After all, you no doubt want to get the best around that provides you with great value and service. But you may have found the process of trying to locate the most impressive offers frustrating.

After all, competition in the market is stiff and there are many options for you to choose from. Firms are vying with one another for your custom and so they pull out all the stops to attract you to them.

This can make the task of selecting confusing and time consuming, and, given that time is an all too scarce commodity, this may have caused you stress.

But the great news is, by using our search service here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, you can find the perfect offers for you within moments. Simply type in your requirements and we will show you the options you face.

Whether you end up with Orange mobile broadband, T-Mobile broadband or anything else, you are bound to be thrilled with the results.

Some things in life really are free

There is the old adage that nothing in life comes for free, and in many cases this holds true. But, thanks to the incredibly hot competition in the mobile broadband market these days, it is possible to get your hands on some of the best computing devices around at no cost.

Companies such as 3 and Vodafone are offering consumers free laptops to encourage them to sign up to their deals. So, instead of paying hundreds of pounds for the items, you can make use of them for nothing.

This is great news, especially if you could do with a new laptop but do not have the funds to get one.

Of course, you should bear in mind that you can only take advantage of these freebies by signing up to mobile broadband deals with the firms in question. Typically, free laptop deals come with 24-month contracts, much like many mobile phone offers.

To get the most from your 3 mobile broadband and other such offerings, it is important that you take into account how much broadband data you want with your free laptop.

While it can be tempting to get carried away in the excitement and select a deal because you fall in love with the computer being offered, you may ultimately be disappointed if you don’t get the perfect contract.

The easiest way to compare mobile broadband deals is to use our website here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals. This can help you benefit from the ideal solution for your needs.

Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband for the Eternal Wanderer

For some of us, sitting still for five minutes is impossible. For folks on the move a little mobile broadband can go a long way, and we don’t mean fancy businessmen on their eternal work trips, but regular folks who just enjoy to live life and move about as much as possible… without leaving behind their trusty internet access!

Here in the UK-Mobile Broadband Deals office we spend lots of time (pretty much all of our time!) sourcing the best mobile broadband deals and creating simple online comparison guides to help you find the best deal for your lifestyle. Free laptops, boosted data allowance – we’ve seen it all – but by far one of our favourite recommendations for folks looking for seriously flexible mobile broadband is Pay As You Go mobile broadband.

PAYG Vodafone broadband is perhaps one of the most longstanding great products on the market. With excellent coverage, low dongle price (£9) and up to 2GB for £15, Vodafone has held court as the PAYG mobile broadband for travellers for some time. However, not to be outdone by their competitors, Three have recently launched a great deal including a £4.99 dongle, £15.99 data charge and 5GB data.

The simple fact is that some folks just don’t like contracts. If you’re not interested in a contract deal (no matter how awesome!) take a look at our latest Vodafone and Three PAYG deals to satisfy the thirst for internet knowledge of the eternal wanderer within.

Great Mobile Broadband Deals for Students

Being a student is, for many, a bit of a baptism of life admin fire! Bills are hateful, organising a house of under twenty-one’s to make sensible decisions about things like phone service providers etc can be a nightmare (especially if you’re the only rational one!), and settling on who’s going to empty the bin is possibly where Kofi Anan learned his diplomatic skills!

Our point? Anything you can do to limit student life stress is worth it! As former students ourselves, everyone in the office agreed on one major step – limit the group bills as much as possible. The easiest things to eradicate are the phone and internet bills.

Mobile internet dongles or mobile internet with free laptop deals are pretty much designed for student life. All your internet data allowance is personal to your own computer (unless you choose to network it) and can either be topped up PAYG or paid for monthly.

Not sure which deal is best for you? Take a look through our online guides to choosing the best mobile broadband deals for your student life. Stay connected on the move (whether that means in the pub, the library, the park, the kitchen or the Student Union for a sneaky pint after class!), reduce life admin stress and take a little more control over your student life.

We update our deals and online guides with superb regularity, so be sure to check back and keep up to date with the best offers, deals, free stuff, industry news and service provider coverage info on the web.

The Perks of Being Mobile

We’re pretty much all used to it now, but if you’re over about eighteen-years-old you’ll likely remember a time when we had to dart wildly between PC’s and dial-up connections to check emails, and cheat at pub quizzes.

Mobile broadband may have taken the sportsmanship out of the Great British Pub Quiz, but that’s the only downside we can see to being 100% mobile and connected 24/7. Well, that and the fact there’s never an excuse for being out of touch when your boss unreasonably emails a proposal to edit at 10:45PM when you’re in the pub!

Amazing Coverage

In June, Ofcom gave service providers the go ahead to trade spectrum licences. In layman’s terms that could end up meaning less network congestion at peak times, more prolific coverage and an all-round better mobile broadband service across all involved service providers.

Free Laptop Deals

Pay monthly laptops are one of those wonderful we-can’t-believe-it deal trends that are becoming more widespread as the norm. Currently, Three and Vodafone tend to run the best deals, with data allowances up to 15GB (with Three) and monthly fees between £25-37. That said, you don’t want to invest your monthly finances in garbage devices and mobile broadband services, so we’ve created some comprehensive (but very understandable) laptop reviews and service guides. Take your pick from the top seven pay monthly laptops from Three and Vodafone using our expert reviews in the “Free Laptop Reviews” area of the website. And, although they’re not free, a little look at the iPad and tablet packages on offer could prove very seductive!

Desperately Seeking Great Mobile Broadband Deals

Life is anything but predictable. Oh wait, most of the time life is really quite predictable! We believe that a little forward planning can go a long way. Fair enough, there are no guarantees, but – as the Girl Guides say – be prepared!

For some folks the time to research life admin decisions (“Which teapot agitates the teabags least?”, “Do we need the extra-wide four slice toaster or the regular width one with a bagel tray?”) is time well spent and thoroughly enjoyed. But, for those of us with less patience and more I-don’t-care-as-long-as-it-works attitude, easy to understand comparison websites and reviews are the way to go!

The purpose of UK-Mobile Broadband Deals is to lay mobile broadband plans (including their ups and downs) simply in front of visitors to help you gauge the best mobile broadband for your life. Maybe you need a T-Mobile dongle for that B&B trip around the Lake District? PAYG, low data, low dongle price – sorted! Are you a student heading to university in September looking for a minimum 12 months mobile broadband contract with free laptop and large monthly data allocation? Three offer some of the best mobile broadband deals in a range of packages including free laptops and up to 15GB of data per month.

If you’re not 100% on what service provider package best suits you, check out our “Guides” area for more forward planning advice and information on everything from laptop reviews to national coverage.

Free Stuff and Top Mobile Broadband Deals

If there’s one thing in life we all love, it’s free stuff! The bottom line of the mobile broadband market is that it’s competitive, which bodes well for you because the best mobile broadband deals tend to involve (you guessed it!) really, REALLY great free stuff deals!

Free laptops are the choice du jour of most mobile broadband service providers. Think of the contract structure as being pretty similar to your contract mobile phone i.e. the laptop is free when you take out a particular contract. For example, Vodafone are currently running deals ranging from £25-37/month on 1GB, 2GB, 3GB and 5GB mobile broadband + laptop deals (although some deals come with a free laptop, others carry a one-time charge of between around £29-49)

Have you visited our “Laptop Reviews” area? As with your mobile phone, it doesn’t make sense to buy a laptop that’s not ideally suited to your lifestyle. A little research can go a long way! We’ve reviewed the performance specs and value for money on the top seven free laptop mobile broadband deals on the web. Our reviews are comprehensive but understandable to the layman, meaning less tech savvy folks can get a clear idea of which laptops are best for them without the dreaded “jargon” of most electronic device reviews.

We update our reviews regularly so be sure to check back from time to time just in case the ideal machine for you pops up in our free laptops reviews.

Don’t Forget Your Dongle

Heading off on holiday within the UK this summer? If you’re one of the folks who missed out on a mudfest at Glastonbury 2011, the odds are good you still hold high hopes for your sunny UK summer vacation and are genuinely looking forward to a couple of weeks idle bliss in any of the UK’s magnificent scenic spots… but without internet access?

Mobile broadband is a great way to take fun, convenience and useful holiday titbits of information with you wherever you go in the UK. For you, the best mobile broadband could be the fastest, the broadest coverage or just the cheapest possible. You can use our helpful online tools to compare mobile broadband deals and dig out the one that’s best for your holiday. Off to Northern Ireland? You want T-Mobile’s excellent Irish Sea coverage. Or for lucky folks heading north to the Shetland Isles, Vodafone have got you covered!

The best mobile broadband deals are continually updated on our website, helping you to find the exact mobile broadband package to suit your holiday. Choosing between service providers could be fairly easy if you’re an Orange devotee or a T-Mobile fan for life, but for those open to a little research we’ve done our best to make the perks and pitfalls of every service provider deal as transparent and easily comparable as possible.

For more detailed information on using an internet dongle (for the dongle virgin!) check out our simple advice guide in the “Guides” area of the website.

Mobile Broadband Ideal for People on the Move

Like many people, your life may be somewhat hectic. The pace of modern life is frenetic and can leave you wishing there were more hours in the day. Clearly, no matter how hard you wish for such changes, you cannot make them happen. However, there are easier, less dramatic alterations you can make that may help you get all your tasks completed.

For example, you might want to consider investing in mobile broadband. Having access to the web while you’re on the go can make a significant difference to your ability to achieve your aims. Whether this involves checking and responding to emails while you are away from your office or quickly catching up with some shopping while you are travelling on public transport, such provisions are extremely handy.

At present, you might waste a considerable length of time commuting to and from work and being able to access mobile broadband while you are on the train or bus, or waiting at the station, can mean you no longer have to squander minutes and hours in this way.

And the great thing is, it is now possible to source great value offerings. For example, you can come here to compare mobile broadband deals and make sure you get one that is perfectly suited to your requirements and budget.

Whether you want contract or pay as you go mobile broadband, you should be able to find out all the facts here. So, don’t waste any more time, see whether mobile web could help you.

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals Comment on Rise in Free Laptop Deals

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, a comparison website for mobile broadband plans, comment on the increased return of free laptop deals to the mobile broadband market.

Since last summer, the number of free laptop deals has been in decline, particularly as more of the mobile networks started to push the popular iPad and tablet deals. However, free laptop deals have made a steady return to the market as the networks rediscover how effective they are in attracting users to their mobile broadband tariffs.

As new laptops can be particularly expensive, customers can find themselves making a significant saving by opting for a mobile broadband tariff which features free laptops. Whereas many networks typically offer free phones on their contracts, the prospect of a free laptop has proven to hold great appeal for many consumers.

“It is little surprise that free laptops are once again becoming a popular addition to mobile broadband deals, as they are normally expensive to buy on their own and most people would find a laptop highly practical,” commented a spokesperson for UK-Mobile Broadband Deals. “Many of the leading networks are now offering free laptops as part of their mobile broadband packages, such as Three with their Samsung RV510 bundle. People are always likely to see laptops as great incentives to join a network, as they are great for a wide number of activities such as working, gaming, browsing the internet and various forms of visual and audio media.”

Get the Best Deals on Mobile Broadband

Whenever you are sourcing products or services, you might well want to take advantage of the best deals available. This is simply human nature. After all, the more cash you save, the more you will have to spend on other things, or to save for the future.

This is true when it comes to almost everything, including mobile broadband. Like many individuals, you may well be eager to take advantage of such provisions but be unwilling to pay over the odds for them.

Well, by coming here, you can compare mobile broadband deals to ensure that the one you opt for is ideally matched to your requirements and budget. By being savvy in this way, you could save yourself a lot of cash.

This is true whether you are seeking unlimited, pay as you go or pay monthly mobile broadband. We are an independent site, meaning you can trust the information you see and it is our aim to bring you the very best products and prices available.

So, if you use us when sourcing your mobile broadband, you can rest assured you will have access to detailed and relevant information that will help you make a wise choice. This tactical approach could save you considerable hassle and expense.

In contrast, if you are rash and do not put sufficient care into your choice, you might ultimately be disappointed by your mobile broadband. Perhaps it will not meet your technical needs, or maybe you will realise you are paying too much.

UK Mobile Broadband Deals Comment on the Popularity of Unlimited Browsing

UK Mobile Broadband Deals, a comparison website for mobile broadband plans, comments on the increasing popularity of unlimited browsing and emailing using mobile broadband.

UK Mobile Broadband Deals is committed to providing the best mobile broadband deals, so they can present their customers with the finest broadband plans available. UK Mobile Broadband Deals only offer their customers with plans from the top networks, including O2, Vodafone, Orange, 3 and T-Mobile.

UK Mobile Broadband Deals understand that unlimited mobile broadband is becoming extremely sought after due to the growing popularity of unlimited browsing, which is why they offer their customers fantastic unlimited mobile broadband deals, such as their T-Mobile deal which allows unlimited browsing and email for just £10 and is one of the most popular deals on UK Mobile Broadband Deals’ website. The T-Mobile plan does a 1GB fair usage cap for excessive downloads but offers unlimited browsing, if the cap is exceeded then usage may be restricted so they won’t charge more and customers can rest assured that they won’t pay more than the scheduled monthly payment.

A spokesperson for UK Mobile Broadband Deals commented: “We can offer our customers a range of unlimited mobile broadband deals which are sure to match their budget and requirements. So whether our customers are looking for a three month unlimited broadband plan or a longer term deal, they are sure to find the perfect contract on our website.”

Mobile Internet to Suit all Budgets

You will no doubt have heard about mobile internet. Such provisions are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and many other countries as more and more consumers realise their potential.

However, you may be reluctant to enter into any deals concerning the offerings because you are keen to be cautious with your money. If you have such reservations, you are by no means alone. A considerable number of people are struggling financially at present. Not only is the country still recovering from the banking crisis but the government’s austerity package is also beginning to make its impact felt.

But, despite your concerns, you should bear in mind that there are a whole range of mobile internet deals and there may well be one that fits your budget, no matter how tight it is.

A great way to find the best offerings for you is to use our website to compare mobile broadband deals. You can choose between a whole range of providers and decide whether you want to have unlimited mobile broadband, pay as you go versions of the service or something else.

As long as you adopt a cautious approach and always bear in mind your spending limit, you should be able to get a deal that suits you and does not leave you suffering financially.

So, if you are keen to reap the benefits of mobile internet, simply have a look around our website. You might be surprised by some of the fantastic deals available from providers of services like this.

Avoid Confusion When Sourcing Mobile Broadband

There has never been a better time to source mobile broadband. The technology involved in such provisions is improving all the time, meaning consumers have access to excellent services.

Also, because of the tough competition between firms operating in the sector, it is possible to source great deals if and when you decide to invest in web access of this kind. However, the high level of choice also has a downside. Because of the sheer number of offers around, it can be difficult to know which type of service to go for and which firm to source it from.

But by coming here and using our website, you can avoid any such trouble. We are an independent organisation and only provide accurate and impartial information. This means you can trust what we say.

Also, because of the straightforward and logical layout of our site, you should not have a problem in terms of navigating your way to relevant mobile broadband deals.

Whether you are specifically seeking pay as you go mobile broadband, pay monthly mobile broadband or any other type of offering, you can narrow your search down in this way. You can also focus your research if have a particular company in mind, are keen to get a free laptop with your deal or have another such priority.

So, rather than spending a long time hunting for offerings yourself, you might benefit from using the information gathered here when you are trying to choose a mobile broadband provider. To find out more, simply have a look around our site.

Get the Info Before Committing to Mobile Internet

Getting mobile internet can be great and has the potential to change your life for the better. For example, you might be able to use what otherwise would have been wasted time on busses or trains getting on with your work, keeping in touch with your friends and loved ones or engaging in some online shopping, among other things.

However, in order to get the most from such provisions, you should be careful during the selection process. If you do not have access to all the relevant information when you commit to a deal, you might end up with something you later come to regret.

The good news is, it has never been easier to get your hands on facts about mobile internet. By browsing our website, you can get plenty of information, meaning you should be far less likely to make a mistake.

We are an independent organisation so we do not have a vested interest in getting you to sign up to deals that may not suit you.

Using our site, you can compare mobile broadband deals quickly and easily. Therefore, you should be able to avoid signing up to anything that does not suit you in terms of your finances or your technical requirements.

By spending a little extra time researching the options open to you, you might be able to save yourself considerable hassle and money in the long term.

To find out more about the best mobile broadband offers currently on the market, simply have a look around our website.

Great Flexibility with Pay as You Go Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband has completely revolutionised the world of technology. It is now possible to check emails, shop, conduct research and much more over the web while on the move. Indeed, many people rely on such provisions to help them get on with their work when they are away from the office or to pass the time while they are on public transport, among other things.

However, you might have been reluctant to sign up to a contract for such services because you do not want to commit finically to a long-term agreement. After all, the economy is still recovering and there is a great deal of uncertainty in the jobs market. Also, the cost of living is rising, making it even more difficult for consumers.

But you should not rule out mobile broadband for this reason alone. Companies know that they have to provide different types of deals for consumers with varying needs and requirements and as well as contracts, they also offer pay as you go options.

This means you might be able to find provisions that perfectly meet your needs. In some ways, the flexibility this type of service permits enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can access the web while out and about but you do not have to enter into financial commitments.

By having a look around our website, you can quickly and easily compare mobile broadband deals and will find pay as you go mobile broadband options as well as contract offers.

Pay as You Go Mobile Broadband

Pay as you go mobile broadband (PAYG) is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as it is the most flexible way to connect to the Internet while you are ‘on the go‘.

Advantages of pay as you go
Pay as you go mobile broadband offers all the benefits of a mobile internet connection without being locked in to any long-term contracts. A simple PAYG dongle allows you to enjoy high-speed Internet access on a pre-paid basis, so there is no need to worry about bills and monthly usage allowances, as you will only ever pay for what you want to use.

How does it work?
First you need to choose exactly which pay as you go dongle to purchase from a range of internet providers who offer PAYG deals. Happily, PAYG’s increased popularity means that there are some really great deals and offers available at the moment. Once you have bought your internet dongle, you simply pre-pay for your internet usage. It works in exactly the same way as when you top-up your PAYG phone, only you will be topping-up your PAYG SIM with gigabytes rather than minutes. It really is that easy.

If you are someone who already pays a monthly subscription fee for broadband and so are reticent to get involved with even more contracts, then a pay as you go package really is the very best way to receive all the benefits of mobile internet without having any of the long-term commitments.

Benefits of Using Mobile Broadband for Business

Mobile broadband provides the freedom to connect to the internet, irrespective of where you are. Because of this, it is the perfect solution for those of us who need to spend much of our time online.

Stay connected
One of the most useful features of mobile broadband is that it can enable you to stay connected with your office when you are nowhere near the premises. Although devices such as BlackBerrys let you send and receive emails, and access work-related features such as calendars and address books, they do not let you use your company intranet or any specified project space. For this you need a laptop (or netbook) with a mobile internet dongle. In essence, a simple mobile broadband dongle allows you as a professional to adopt a far more flexible attitude to working. Because you are able to work effectively wherever you are, you can be productive from the moment you arrive in your remote location, whether it is a coffee shop, a regional office or even your home.

However, mobile broadband is more than just a device for working remotely. When it comes to business, it can also come in very handy as a valuable backup tool if your company’s fixed line broadband should fail for any reason, and, it can also be used if you need to work in a temporary office where there is no fixed line installed.

Is your business as well-connected as it could be?

Know About Mobile Broadband

Even though mobile broadband has revolutionised internet communications and transformed working habits, it is still a technology which many people simply do not know enough about.

Aren’t mobile connection speeds slow?
Although this may once have been true, it certainly is not the case now. Current average mobile connection speeds are around 7.0Mb, which is about the same as home broadband speeds.

Aren’t download allowances inadequate?
Although there are still 1GB packages around which are pretty limiting for most users, these are now eclipsed by the current deals available. Presently, there are a range of deals which offer 10 – 15 GB of usage every month, which should be enough to satisfy all but the most ardent gamers and uber-downloaders.

Aren’t data charges expensive?
The dark days of getting charged over £40 per GB are thankfully long gone, as many of today’s best mobile broadband deals offer up to three times the download allowance for a fraction of that price. Many providers have also stopped charging for excess usage on their deals, while others utilise online tracking systems to help customers keep on top of their download usage.

Aren’t contracts overly long?
Although two year contracts have been the accepted standard up until fairly recently, much shorter contracts (some as short as one-month) are now much more prevalent. And of course, there are always plenty of pay-as-you-go mobile broadband deals to be had as well.

To learn more, spend some time with us here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals.

An Introduction to Mobile Broadband

The evolution of mobile broadband technology has revolutionised internet communication as it can do everything that wired broadband connection is capable of without needing a fixed-line telephone connection. This means that you can access the internet while you’re on the move or anywhere away from home. So, whether you want to send email, surf the ‘net, stream videos or download files, mobile broadband lets you do it all.

Mobile broadband works by using either a small, portable USB modem (often called an internet dongle) or a built-in device (on more recent laptops) to connect to the internet via the same signal which mobile phones use. This means that wherever you are, as long as you can get a decent mobile phone signal, you can connect to the Internet. Dongles are very straightforward to use and operate on a ‘plug and play’ basis; this means that all you have to do is plug it straight into a spare USB port, follow the on-screen instructions and then you’re done – broadband, wherever you need it! However, when purchasing a mobile broadband dongle, it is very important to ensure that you check beforehand that your laptop or netbook’s operating system will be compatible with it. Not all dongles will work on computers which run Mac or Linux operating systems, although most will be fine with the most recent MS Windows systems like XP, Vista and Windows Seven.

To find out more, browse through our pages here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals.

Internet on the Go

Mobile broadband is the perfect way for people who are frequently on the move to maintain Internet access.

With an internet dongle, it’s possible to get surfing in just about any location that enjoys decent mobile phone coverage. This can prove to be a Godsend for people like business professionals or commuters, as they can remain online and available even though they are far away from the office. Mobile broadband can also be a very useful way for people who don’t have a fixed residence to stay online. For example, students can use it at their parents home, in their student accommodation or in the library, all for one price. Also, with plenty of affordable pay as you go (PAYG) options, they won’t need to worry about subscription payments denting their wallets.

People who don’t have a mobile broadband dongle can still access the internet while away from home by using their laptop or netbook at a Wi-Fi hotspot. These are public areas where people can log-on to the internet through a shared connection. They are frequently found in airports, hotels, coffee shops and libraries, and although many of them offer their connections for free, others will charge a fee. However, even though these connections can be very convenient, they are typically unsecured so there is always the slim possibility that private information could be inadvertently shared or unscrupulously obtained by others.

To learn more about mobile broadband, spend some time with us here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals.

Mobile Broadband Options

Because of the convenience it offers, more people than ever are now looking to purchase mobile broadband. Essentially, there are two main choices currently available to consumers: contract, or pay as you go (PAYG). These two options were once as different as chalk and cheese, but over time, the differences between them have become less stark. For example, some contract options are now available which run for very short periods such as a month, while pay-as-you-go gift packs can be bought which include very large amounts of pre-loaded credit. However, although both options may occasionally tread on each other‘s toes, they are still very separate prospects.

Contract deals usually offer better value for money than PAYG in the long run. Mobile broadband providers also tend to reward contract customers’ long-term commitment by giving them free dongles, cheaper download rates, and even free laptops. Naturally, once the contract has been signed, consumers are bound by the terms and conditions, and so will normally have to pay handsomely if they want to leave before the agreed contract end date.

The chief benefit of pay-as-you-go mobile broadband is that consumers are not restricted to any kind of contract. Alternatively, PAYG customers simply ‘top up’ their account with credit as and when they need to. This can often be a very economical option for people who only require moderate Internet access. However, PAYG consumers frequently have to pay more for their internet dongle and experience higher usage rates.

Get Free Laptops with Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is taking the UK by storm, with more deals on offer than ever. Some providers are even offering free laptops with mobile broadband packages.

But before you grab the first mobile broadband with free laptop package you stumble across, make sure you are getting the best deal. That means making sure you aren’t being tied into an unusually long contract of up to 24 months, or paying a higher monthly fee for your mobile broadband.

Compare mobile broadband with free laptop deals and look for the package with the shortest contract and the lowest monthly charge. Equally, compare them with packages which don’t include a free computer, so you can see how much more you would be paying for the laptop.

You also need to be sure that the deal you commit to meets your needs in terms of mobile use. Your area needs to have coverage, while speed and download limits also need to be high enough.

However, even if you are effectively spreading the cost of your laptop over several months by paying additional charges, it could still be a very affordable way of bagging a new computer.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals we let you compare mobile broadband with free laptop deals so you can find a package that’s right for you. Our website is crammed with news and advice as well as reviews of every free laptop being offered by UK networks. Log on today and learn more.

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals Reveal New Unlimited Mobile Broadband Offers

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, a comparison website for mobile broadband plans, reveal some of the latest deals on unlimited mobile broadband from mobile phone provider T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has recently released details of a new offer for unlimited mobile broadband, which is designed to offer peace of mind and reassurance for customers. In the 18-month contract deal, users will receive anytime browsing and email for £10 a month using simple plug-and-play technology, with space for a 6GB memory card for storing media files.

The bill will always be capped at the £10 price, and it is this level of affordability and security that UK-Mobile Broadband Deals believes is attracting so many consumers. However, users should also be aware that there is a ‘fair use’ policy in place with this offer, which enables T-Mobile to restrict usage over 1GB a month in certain cases.

“When the competitive new offer from T-Mobile is compared with, for instance, network provider 3’s £15.99 per-month deal for an excessive 15GB data allowance, it becomes clear that users have great options for a low cost, capped bill at £10 a month which will cover the vast majority or users needs but others prepared to pay a little more – perhaps looking to download lots of music or videos via their dongle – can still sign up for very high amounts of data usage at a very competitive price” commented a spokesperson for UK-Mobile Broadband Deals. “It can be very easy to go over a set data allowance, but the new offer from T-Mobile allows users to go over their allowance without paying the larger fees associated with this common occurrence. We expect that this offer will prove very popular and anticipate that the amount of consumers making the most of it will only increase in the coming months.”

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals Showcase Low-price Mobile Broadband Offers

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, a comparison website for mobile broadband plans, reveal that more networks supplying mobile broadband are providing cheaper deals for lower usage.

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals has found that as operators attempt to encourage consumers to take out more dongle contracts, they are focussing on offering ever-cheaper deals for consumers who tend to use a smaller amount of their data allowance.

The mobile broadband comparison website reveals that there are now various pay-as-you-use tariffs available, with providers Vodafone and Orange both recently launching £3 and £5 deals; offering very low-cost options for occasional users.

“Dongles are already renowned for being so easy to use and quick to install, and by combining this accessible technology with affordability, more consumers who are forced to pay high prices for an excessive data allowance contract – when they actually only use a considerably low amount of data – are likely to jump at the chance to take out a dongle contract,” commented a spokesperson for UK-Mobile Broadband Deals. “The convenience and flexibility provided by deals that cater to occasional users is an effective way for operators to create long-term customers. We predict that these low-cost offers will become very popular in coming months, and will make consumers more likely to turn to dongle deals.”

Mobile Internet: Pay As You Go or Monthly Bill?

The biggest decision any mobile internet user faces is working out which package best suits them. That will mean choosing between monthly bills or increasingly popular pay as you go deals.

Most mobile phone providers now offer pay as you go mobile broadband packages, giving you complete flexibility to get online wherever you are. Once you have your dongle, allowing you to connect to the World Wide Web, you just pay per day or week of use, or opt for a whole month at a time. Costs start from as little as just a couple of pounds a day.

These packages are ideal if you just want a taster, and don’t want to commit to a 12, 18 or 24 month contract. You don’t have to sign up for that length of time to bag a great deal.

Equally, several mobile internet providers offer month-long rolling contracts which can be cancelled any time you wish, without having to remember to top up when your data runs out.

Alternatively, you may find the best and most hassle-free deal for you is with a fixed-term contract, so shop around.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals, we are the best one stop shop for everything related to mobile broadband. We give you the chance to compare every deal available in the UK, from three mobile broadband deals to Vodafone mobile broadband deals and much more.

Log on today to find the right package for you.

The Benefits of Mobile Broadband

Being able to access the internet on the go, wherever you are, has many advantages, not all of them immediately obvious.

For example, you have may not have realised that going online with a device such as an internet dongle can often be more efficient and faster than using your broadband at home.

As costs come down, and with many providers offering great deals such as free laptop computers, getting unlimited mobile broadband whenever and wherever you like has also become increasingly affordable.

In fact, as long as you can get a phone signal at home, you could do away with fixed broadband altogether, without paying any more, yet still enjoy faster broadband. And if you don’t make good use of your landline, you could make all your communications completely mobile!

However, with many providers, packages and tariffs around, from pay as you go to monthly fees, you should still compare mobile broadband plans to find the best one to suit what you need. Be very sure what you are getting for your money before taking the plunge.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals, we allow you to look at the mobile broadband plans from top providers such from Vodafone to 02.  You can even check the coverage for your area, and catch up on all the latest industry news, reviews and guides. Our comparison tables of every mobile Internet deal in the UK is so easy to use.

Log on today to find out more.

Using Your Mobile Broadband Overseas

If you’re wondering whether your mobile broadband will work abroad, you should understand that some mobile internet tariffs have a block on them, so that you can only use them within the United Kingdom.

In particular, this is often the case with pay as you go arrangements. But if this block doesn’t apply with your deal, you can go online wherever you happen to be in the world, as long as your mobile broadband provider has an agreement with the country you are visiting. This use of going online on your laptop outside Britain is generally known as ‘roaming’.

The good news is that prices have come down in recent years, particularly in EU countries, where they are cheaper than elsewhere. There are new laws in place to cap how much your bill can be – once you’ve spent around 50 Euros you will be cut off, unless you have another arrangement in place in advance.

And you should be able to use your dongle or card abroad. But be aware of what you will be charged before you travel, as rates are not always cheap.

If you’re looking for mobile broadband deals, for use at home or overseas, check out what we have to offer at UK Mobile Broadband Deals, whether you want to pay as you go or pay monthly mobile broadband bills. We also let you know which providers are offering free laptops!

Check out all the mobile broadband deals on our website today.

Different Types of Mobile Broadband

If you’re looking to find the best mobile broadband set-up, it can seem slightly bewildering initially. Just as with mobile phone tariffs, there are several deals to choose from, and a few decisions you’ll need to make before you get online.

The first step is to choose whether you’d prefer to go for a long-term contract or a pay as you go mobile broadband arrangement. After that, you will need to make a decision on which provider to go with – this may depend to a large extent on how good their coverage is.

At the same time, have a think about how you want to connect to the internet on the go – by dongle only or maybe with a free laptop deal? And consider how much download capacity is right you will need, the speed you want to work at and what extras, if any, are included in the deal.

Service providers are improving their technology all the time, and speeds, coverage and stability will get better in the months and years ahead. But for now, for a stable, reliable and quick connection, a fixed line solution could well be the answer.

To get the best mobile broadband for you, compare mobile broadband providers online. At UK Mobile Broadband Deals, we offer all the help you need to compare mobile broadband deals, along with the industry’s latest guides, news and reviews.

You’ll find our comparison tables really easy to use – log on today and learn more.

Is it Possible to Use Mobile Broadband with My Existing Equipment?

Mobile broadband works by hooking up a laptop or PC to the Internet using a card or dongle. If you have a USB port and a compatible computer operating system, along with a relatively recent PC or laptop, you should have no problems at all getting online on the go.

And if you buy a laptop with mobile broadband built in, it should be just around ready to hook up to the web the minute you get it home. Dongles are also constantly getting more user-friendly, and tend to be fairly straightforward ‘plug and play’ devices these days – just stick it into your USB port and follow the instructions!

When buying a data card or mobile internet dongle, you need to be sure that your operating system is compatible with it – not all of them will work if you have a Mac or Linux operating systems, for example, but most will be fine with newer Microsoft Windows systems including XP, Vista and Windows 7.

At UK Mobile Broadband Deals, we allow you to compare mobile broadband deals really easily online. We offer clear, straightforward comparison tables of all the mobile broadband deals available across the UK.

We also offer stacks of advice and the latest news, and reviews of every free laptop available from UK networks. In fact, we’re the one stop shop for everything you need to find the ideal mobile broadband deal for you. Check us out today.

How Mobile Wi-Fi Can Benefit You

For many of us, having access to the Internet at all times is essential.  Without it, we would not be able to get vital work done, send important emails or find out necessary pieces of information.  Mobile Internet has made this possible.  With the use of a USB dongle and the 3G network, we are able to access the Internet wherever we are.  However, while many devices are able to connect to Wi-Fi, not all of them have USB sockets or 3G connectivity.  For these devices, Mobile Wi-Fi is a must.

With a mobile Wi-Fi (MiFi) device, you can create your own wireless hotspot.  With this, you can connect up to 5 devices to the mobile Internet at once.  While you have to pay a small subscription charge for your MiFi data, this is a fraction of the cost of using some public Wi-Fi connections.  You no longer have to depend on these unreliable, costly ways of connecting to the Internet.

Mobile Wi-Fi can benefit owners of Wi-Fi only devices, such as the iPod Touch, and can mean that you don’t have to spend extra to have 3G connectivity in your gadgets.  For example, the Wi-Fi only iPad costs £100 less than its 3G counterpart, and the Wi-Fi only Amazon Kindle offers a £41 saving over the 3G equivalent.  With MiFi, you will be able to connect all these devices to the Internet without having to search out a Wi-Fi hotspot.  Whenever you buy a new Internet connected device, you can feel confident that MiFi will be compatible with it.

Mobile Broadband – Avoiding Unexpected Charges

For people who are constantly on the go, mobile broadband is becoming an increasingly popular way to access the Internet.  The mobile broadband market, however, is still relatively new, and it can be difficult to wade through the wealth of charges and price plans that are out there.  Uneducated users can end up with excessive charges way above and beyond what they thought they were paying for.  In spite of this, there are various measures you can take to ensure you’re not lumbered with unexpected mobile broadband charges.

If you opt for a pay monthly mobile broadband contract, then you will have a limit to the amount of data you can use each month.  While some network providers merely slow your connection speed down if you exceed your usage allowance, others will have a fixed charge per MB you go over.  With some networks, this can be as much as £15.  If you have a pay monthly contract, always use the application on your computer to keep track of how much data you’re using to avoid unexpected charges.

It’s much simpler to keep track of how much you’re spending with a pay as you go mobile broadband contract, simply ‘topping up’ your data whenever you need it.  You can spend as much ‘topping up’ as you can afford.  Bear in mind though that, if you opt for this type of contract, you will have to pay for your 3G dongle, which could be as much as £60, and the data you purchase usually expires within 30 days.

Choosing from Mobile Broadband Plans – Things to Consider

In recent years, the popularity of mobile broadband has increased hugely.  Every mobile phone network now offers a selection of mobile broadband plans, some with free laptops, some with huge data allowance and some designed for tablet computers, among others.  When you are looking for a mobile broadband plan, it can be difficult to make a selection from all the choices out there.  In order to make the best selection from all the mobile broadband plans out there, there are various things you should consider.

The first thing you need to think about when considering mobile broadband plans is your budget.  Mobile broadband plans range in price from around £10 a month up to £50 a month.  While every plan offers something different, deciding how much you want to spend each month is a good starting point.

The next thing you should consider is how much you will use mobile broadband.  Pay monthly mobile broadband plans start with a 1GB data allowance.  With this, you will be able to send 1000 emails or surf the web for 10 hours every month.  If you feel that this won’t be sufficient, then a larger data allowance may be more suitable for you.  Bear in mind though that the larger your data allowance, the more expensive your mobile broadband plan will be.

If you plan on only using mobile broadband occasionally, then a pay as you go plan may suit you.  With pay as you go mobile broadband, you pay a one off cost for the 3G dongle, then pay to ‘top up’ with data as and when you need it.

Improving the Speed of Your Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband gives us the opportunity to access the Internet wherever we are. With the simple addition of a 3G dongle to our laptops we can access website, send emails and download music tracks and videos at any time and any place.  While, generally, mobile broadband offers very high speeds, there are some factors which can cause it to slow down.  Here are some tips to improve the speed of your mobile broadband.

The speed of your mobile broadband is determined by the capacity of your network.  If you are struggling with speeds, then you could consider changing your network.  In the UK, Vodafone offers the best mobile broadband speeds, followed by 3, with O2, Orange and T-Mobile supporting the lowest speeds.  But no matter how fast a speed your network can support, it means nothing if your 3G dongle is not capable of supporting those speeds.  Upgrading to a high speed dongle can improve your mobile broadband speeds.

One of the major factors affecting mobile broadband speed is the strength of the signal you receive from your network.  You signal strength will be indicated on your computer.  The lower your signal, the slower your speed will be.  Also, to get the highest mobile broadband speeds, you need to be in a 3G area.  In some cases, you can improve your signal strength by sitting closer to a window or by using a USB extension cable to attach your 3G dongle to your laptop.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband Plans – Things to Look Out For

Mobile broadband has revolutionised the way we use the Internet.  It’s made it possible for us to have the convenience of high speed Internet wherever we are.  It’s only natural that people are beginning to rely on mobile broadband more and more.  For many of us, a small data allowance is not enough to meet our mobile broadband needs.  Unlimited mobile broadband packages have emerged to fit the needs of heavy users.  However, not all unlimited mobile broadband packages are the same.  There are some things you should look out for before you commit.

Don’t be fooled by the title ‘unlimited’.  Most unlimited mobile broadband packages have a ‘fair usage policy’, meaning there is actually a cap on the amount of data you can use each month.  While some networks cap their data at a large amount, like 20GB, some cap their data as low as 3GB a month.  While heavy mobile broadband users will need the 20GB allowance, 3GB will suffice for the average user.

It’s worth considering what happens should you go over your data allowance.  Some networks will merely slow your connection speed down, meaning you are still able to use your mobile broadband without paying extra.  Others, however, have heavy charges for people who go over their data allowance.  If you don’t keep track of the amount of data you’re using, you could end up with a huge bill at the end of the month.  It’s up to you to decide how much data you think you will use and which is the best mobile broadband plan for you.

Compare Mobile Broadband to get the Best Deal

The Internet has transformed the way we live our lives in many ways.  Not only has it changed the way we communicate, it’s revolutionised the way we listen to music and watch film and television shows, as well as opening us up to a world of information at our fingertips.  In our homes, we are becoming used to having high speed internet available at all times.  It’s become such an integral part of our lives that it’s no longer enough to leave the Internet at home when we go out.  Thankfully, the emergence of mobile broadband has meant that we no longer have to.  It’s made us able to have the power of the Internet with us at all times, and if you compare mobile broadband deals, you’ll find there’s a package to suit everyone.

Taking the time to compare mobile broadband deals can help you to find the perfect package for you.  The best mobile broadband package for you may not be the most expensive, or most affordable, one.  The best starting point is to find out how much data you think you will need.

Mobile broadband packages start from a 1GB a month allowance; more than enough for the light user, ranging to 15GB a month, or even unlimited, packages; ideal for those who will be using mobile broadband on a daily basis.  There are even pay monthly packages where you can get a free laptop.  Only if you compare mobile broadband deals will you find the package to suit you.

The Best Way to Compare Mobile Broadband Deals

The best mobile broadband package for you might not be the best deal for me. It all depends what kind of access you want, how much you want to download, where you’ll be spending most of your time over the next few months, and there are a whole heap of other factors to consider as well. For example, you can decide whether to go for a pay monthly mobile broadband package or sign up with a pay as you go provider. There are hundreds of possibilities from dozens of different companies, and each one has pros and cons.

Think of it just like shopping for a new sofa. You probably know roughly what you want- after all, you know what kind of space there is in the lounge, you’ll have a rough budget in mind, and you know better than anyone what that needs that sofa should cater to. Once upon a time the only way to find the perfect piece of furniture at the best possible price was to trudge from shop to shop noting down prices on a piece of paper as you went. These days you can just sit yourself down in front of the computer and bring up a price comparison website. All the work is done for you.

When you want to compare mobile broadband packages it’s just the same. Don’t bother visiting half a dozen shopfronts or even hunting through every provider’s website. You can compare the best mobile broadband offers right here, without having to search for them or make notes yourself.

Pay Monthly or Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband?

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make before choosing a mobile broadband package is the billing method. You can either opt to pay as you go or get billed a set amount at the end of each month. Most packages fall into one of those two categories. There are advantages and disadvantages to each one and it’s worth thinking seriously about which suits you best.

Picking a pay monthly mobile broadband package with a fixed rate means you’ll know exactly how much the service will cost each month and when the bills will fall due. It’s regular and predictable and you’ll never run out of credit with a pay monthly mobile broadband deal. You might run out of bandwidth but as long as you keep paying your bills and don’t download more than your allocation (if there is one associated with your deal), a broadband service will always be there ready to use.

With pay as you go mobile broadband you’ll have to top up every now and again, and that does mean your credit might run low at an inconvenient time. Your costs will vary each month but on the positive side, you only pay for what you use. That means that if you take a two week holiday one month, you won’t be paying for a fortnight of mobile broadband you’re not going to use.

Think about how your usage might vary from month to month. If it will stay more or less steady, a pay monthly package might be better, and but if it is likely to vary a lot, pay as you go could be the best option. We recommend checking out both pay as you go and pay monthly deals before making a decision. Compare what you’ll get under each scenario for your approximate monthly budget and then make a decision.

Top Tips for Getting Better Mobile Internet Reception

Back in the days when mobile phones were first becoming popular in the UK, reception was patchy. It may seem hard to believe now but not so long ago there were huge sections of the UK where no normal mobile could pick up a signal. Happily, the bad old days are long gone and now almost every village has a perfectly clear signal, both for mobile internet and normal phone service.

There are, however, still places in the UK where reception is poor. Mountainous areas always create difficulties and it can still be hard to get a good signal in quite surprising locations. Mobile internet needs a good strong 3G signal if it’s going to deliver reasonable download speeds. If you’re having trouble, here are a couple of tricks you can try:

- Sit by a window or outside if the weather is sunny. This will stop walls and ceilings getting in the way of the signal.

- Change the position of the receiver. The orientation of internet phones is important and can affect the reception you get. The new iPhone is especially prone to this kind of problem. Things covering part of the internet dongle, laptop, or phone can also block the signal.

- Keep batteries well charged – low power can affect how well your device performs.

If you keep having problems, it might be worth changing provider. 3 mobile broadband will cover a different area to Vodafone mobile broadband, so choose your package carefully if you live outside a major city.

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals Compare Discount iPad Contracts

Bucks, United Kingdom (January 14, 2011) – UK-Mobile Broadband Deals can help visitors to their website compare the best mobile broadband contracts for heavily discounted iPads.

The Apple iPad first hit the market in April 2010. And since then it has become one of the most sought after tablets across the world. While the tablet has been on sale for less than a year, the iPad is currently selling more units than its sister product, the iPhone (Source: CNET, Oct 2010). The iPad has recently been reported as the most quickly adopted non-electronic phone device ever, and could reportedly surpass the unit rates of games consoles and mobile phones.

The iPad has a vast array of applications and features which can be used both personally and professionally. Many mobile broadband companies are now hoping to profit from the iPad by providing heavily discounted iPad contracts to their customers. Orange and T-Mobile can now offer their loyal customers a range of iPad contracts for the iPad 16gb, 32gb and 64gb. Vodafone have also recently announced that they will soon be offering discounted iPad contracts which are sure to be a big hit with their customers. The mobile broadband comparison website UK-Mobile Broadband Deals can now help their web visitors to identify the best package; therefore, allowing them to make an informed decision.

A spokesperson for UK-Mobile Broadband Deals commented: “The iPad has quickly become one of the fastest selling electronic devices in history. This is due to its diverse features, handy portability and sleek appearance. Orange has recently witnessed a dramatic increase in customers purchasing their Orange iPad contracts, and it appears Vodafone may soon have the same success when they announce the launch of their new iPad contracts. Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can help our web visitors identify the best iPad contract for them at a price they can afford.”

For more information on UK-Mobile Broadband Deals and iPad contracts, telephone 01628 521721.

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals Witness Increase in iPad Contract Sales

Bucks, United Kingdom (January 14, 2011) – UK-Mobile Broadband Deals witness an increase in the number of people purchasing iPad contracts following the Christmas period.

Many people in the UK have opted to purchase an Apple iPad contract from mobile broadband networks such as Orange and T-Mobile. The mobile broadband comparison website UK-Mobile Broadband Deals help their web visitors to compare mobile broadband deals, and they have recently witnessed an increase in the amount of people buying iPad contracts via their website.

UK-Mobile Broadband Deals believe the rise in people purchasing iPads via their website may be due to the many people who wanted an iPad for Christmas being left disheartened. Therefore, they have opted for an iPad contract so they can pay for their tablet computer with affordable monthly instalments. There are a range of iPad contracts for customers to choose from, such as 16gb iPad contracts, 32gb iPad contracts and 64gb iPad contracts. Customers have also been urged to identify their storage and budgetary requirements before they make their decision on an iPad contract.

A spokesperson for UK-Mobile Broadband Deals commented: “Now that the Christmas period is over, many people have opted for an iPad contract due to their disappointment when they did not receive one during the festive holiday. By purchasing an iPad contract from a mobile broadband provider via our website, customers will be able to identify the best iPad contract offers on the market and make an informed decision. We are delighted to provide our customers with reliable and updated information regarding the best iPad contracts from the best mobile broadband providers.”

For more information on UK-Mobile Broadband Deals and iPad contracts, telephone 01628 521721.

Mobile Broadband and Security

Those with friends who like a practical joke have probably experienced what happens when they leave an internet-enabled phone signed into Facebook within easy reach (and many people do stay logged in to Facebook, Twitter, and email services more or less permanently). The result is usually a less than flattering status post and a good deal of embarrassment. It’s usually not serious and as long as your mates don’t step over the line, a bit of a laugh.

However, there is a very serious side to mobile broadband security. First of all, we all know these devices aren’t cheap. The last thing you want is for a brand new iPad 32GB to get stolen or become lost. If it’s a pay monthly iPad you could end up paying a stiff price for nothing and even if you own it outright, losing something like that is never fun.

It’s not just the value of the item itself either – it’s what it can be used to access. These days doing the banking through a mobile broadband device is pretty commonplace and most of us have an account with at least a handful of online retailers. We shop through Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers all the time. Our bank and credit card details are stored online along with sensitive personal information.

If you do lose a broadband device (or any computer for that matter), change your email, shopping, and social media passwords immediately and notify your bank too. If you have a mobile broadband deal with monthly bills make sure to let your provider know as soon as possible. They may be able to help you trace the device and at the very least they’ll be able to shut off the service immediately, so you won’t end up paying for a thief’s internet.

Free Laptop Deals – Too Good to be True?

There are a lot of mobile broadband plans that list a free laptop as part of the deal, and in the most cases these deals are completely on the level. You should always read the fine print before signing up for anything that involves a significant investment, be it a mobile broadband with free laptop deal, a new energy package for your home, or a bank loan, but there are some excellent free laptop deals out there.

In most cases there is no catch and no hidden costs (although it always pays to make sure of this). These plans are usually quite legitimate. The reason they can offer such good prices and throw in a laptop is that the contract you’re signing up for is usually quite a long one. If it’s 24 months, that’s 24 months to spread the cost of the laptop across. In effect you pay a little towards it each month.

It’s worth putting a little research into the laptops on offer before making a decision. Consider the size of the screen, especially if you’ll be wanting to play games and watch movies and television on it, and the battery life.

We have a special section for free laptop deals and packages with laptops included in the monthly price. You can find a whole range under the ‘Free Laptops’ tab on the front page. If you’re considering a mobile broadband with free laptop deal, check out the ‘Free Laptop Reviews’ section as well. There is plenty of useful information there and ratings to help you pick the best deal.

A Checklist for Comparing Mobile Broadband Deals

If you want to work out which mobile broadband deals are worth your while and which aren’t, there are a handful of important factors to consider. Before you decide on a package make sure it suits you in all these areas:

-    Bandwidth. This is your download limit. If you’re going to be watching streaming video and downloading games and movies, aim for at least 5GB per month. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services like Skype can eat up a lot of bandwidth too. Check what happens if you accidentally exceed the limit.

-    Coverage. Different providers cover different areas. For example, Orange mobile broadband covers 94% of the UK population at home. 3’s broadband-capable network covers about 98% but some other providers cover as little as 80%. That may or may not be important depending on where you spend your time and how much you travel outside major cities.

-   Devices. Does the package come with a free laptop, an iPad, or at least a dongle? This is only really a concern if you don’t already have a mobile broadband device but there are some very tasty free laptops, tablets and netbooks available with certain mobile broadband deals.

-    Budget. Consider what you can afford and how long a contract you’re willing to sign. It’s also worth weighing up the pros and cons of monthly billing against pay as you go.

There are all kinds of mobile broadband deals available to suit all kinds of people. No matter what your needs are, you’ll be able to find the perfect one right here.

Finding the Right Laptop

The average laptop will last an owner for approximately three years, and here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can provide you with a free laptop deals with contracts from 18 up to 24 months. Therefore, you can potentially continue to use your free laptop once your contract has finished.

What Laptop Best Suits Your Needs?
You should consider the type of pay monthly laptop you want before you make your purchase. If you regularly watch DVDs on your laptop then you should consider purchasing a full sized laptop with a wide screen. However, if only require a laptop for internet browsing and checking mail, you should consider purchasing a netbook. Netbooks are also extremely portable due to them being small and lightweight.

The Perfect Laptop for Your Requirements and Budget
If you are on a tight budget then Netbooks are the ideal choice. However, full sized laptop prices vary depending on their capabilities, size, wide screen size and mobile broadband data allowances – so if you require a computer that has wide storage space and a variety of features, then it may be worth paying that little bit extra.

The Style of Your Laptop
If style is important to you then you will want to ensure you purchase an attractive laptop that appears sophisticated and technological. Therefore, you should be sure to purchase a laptop with a respected brand name, has a colour to suit your taste and will make a beautiful addition to a desk. However, if performance is more important to you then you should identify a laptops features, capabilities and operating system.

Check Your Coverage Speed on a Mobile Broadband Deal

Before you decide on a mobile broadband deal, you should be sure you are aware of a networks speed. The last thing you will want is to commit yourself to a pay monthly broadband package only to find their network is not as fast in your area as it is in another location.

Broadband speed varies in different locations. For example, while a broadband package may be incredibly quick in one area of Manchester, it may differ in another Manchester region.

If you are looking for the best speed in your area, you should ensure you receive a speed of up to 7.2MB per second. Your network connection may ultimately be affected by how close you live to a networks base station, the technology in the base station and how many people in your local area are using the same network connection.

You should be sure to check the coverage network by using a coverage map – and this information is available on our website.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can help you view coverage maps for Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Orange and 3. You simply type in your postcode and you will be able to view the broadband speed in your area.

Whether you require the internet on your mobile phone, laptop or internet dongle, you will need to ensure that you purchase the right network deal. We provide a range of mobile broadband deals, dongle deals, pay monthly iPads and free laptops with mobile broadband, so you should be sure to consider the network speed before you commit yourself to one of our fantastic packages.

Connect to the Internet Everywhere You Go

If you regularly take your laptop with you when you are out and about, then you should consider purchasing an internet dongle.

Dongles are an excellent way to ensure you are always connected to the internet, no matter where you are in the country.

While a fixed connection or Wi-Fi connection is a great way to access the internet from home, you cannot take it with you when you leave the home with your laptop.

A mobile broadband dongle is simple and easy to use, you just connect the dongle USB to your laptop port and you can quickly connect to the internet.

If you regularly download or make internet calls using Skype, you should ensure you purchase a dongle with at least 5GB. However, if you only require a dongle for browsing and emailing, you should purchase 1GB.

We can help you compare internet dongles from some of the best brand names in the industry, such as 3, O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-mobile. These companies can offer you anything from 0MB to 15GB. Also, some of our networks also offer unlimited GB for a short contract.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, we can help you compare the best dongle deals, and we regularly update our information should they be subject to any change.

We can also provide you with deals for a pay monthly iPad, mobile internet and free laptop contracts. Our service is incredibly safe and secure as we only provide you with comparison information on the best deals and payment will ultimately take place through the networks payment system.

The Best Free Laptop Deals

If you are looking for a free laptop contract then you should ensure you purchase the best deal for your budget, and this is where us here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals come in.

We can help you compare pay monthly laptops to find the best free laptop deal for you. Most companies will offer mobile broadband with free monthly laptops. So, before you consider purchasing a fixed line or Wi-Fi broadband, it may make sense to purchase one pay monthly package that matches your budget.

Most networks usually only offer 24 month contracts, so you should be sure this is a commitment you want to make before you decide to purchase a pay monthly laptop contract.

If you regularly use the internet for watching music, downloading or storing numerous files or applications, then you should consider the amount of storage that you will require with your free monthly contract. The last thing you want to do is to make a commitment to a 24 month contract only to find your free laptop doesn’t fit your needs.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can offer you the best deals from some of the best networks in the industry, such as Vodafone and 3.

We can help you compare the best free laptop deals, with laptops which have a range of features, hard drives and monitor inches.

If you would like to know more about our free laptop deals, you should be sure to browse our website. We are a trustworthy company that only offer a comprehensive range of deals from the best network brands. We also constantly update our package information should the free laptop deals be subject to any change.

Compare Deals with UK-Mobile Broadband Deals

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, we can help you compare prices on mobile broadband deals, so you can find the best mobile broadband offer for your needs.

Mobile broadband ultimately allows you to connect to the internet without the need for a WiFi internet connection or a fixed line. You simply connect a dongle into a laptop or a computer and you can access the internet at your leisure.

We can also provide you with information on a mobile broadband deal so you can thoroughly identify the best package for you. We can help you compare the best mobile broadband brands such as T-Mobile, O2, Orange, 3 and Vodafone.

We can compare deals on a range of mobile Wi-Fi deals, iPad contracts, Samsung Galaxy tablet contracts and free laptop contracts.

Our mobile Wi-Fi deals allow you to access the internet on your mobile phone everywhere you go. We can also offer you a range of contracts at a variety of budgets, so whether you need a mobile Wi-Fi contract for a month or up to two years, we can help.

The iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet are one of the newest gadgets and have become incredibly popular since their release onto the market. We can help you compare these sought after products to find the best pay monthly iPad package.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals, we provide our customers with the latest industry news and we continually update our package prices and information when subject to change.

Our mission is to ensure you receive the best deal for your budget and requirements. We are a trustworthy company and will ensure you will not receive any hidden charges.

iPads Launch, New iPad and Tablet Page Added

Exciting news as the first iPad with mobile broadband deals are finally available online and we’ve launched a new iPad contracts page highlighting all the deals out there right now on this exciting device and other tablets.

The rumours around the Orange pricing were correct but what is perhaps a little disappointing is that T-Mobile launched with the exact same offer – we were hoping to see their unlimited mobile broadband deal applied to the iPad too. Still at just £199 plus a monthly contract of £25 for existing customers or £27 for new customers the deals are still very competitive.

We’ve also heard details this morning about 3′s pay monthly iPad deals. Although not yet available online, 3 will offer the iPad at the same fixed price as Orange and T-Mobile but only £25 for all customers and with more data included. Given that 3 mobile broadband have been winning all the awards lately it will be interesting to see how their overall package compares once it launches. We’ll keep you posted.

iPad Plus Mobile Broadband Availability And Pricing Becomes Clearer

Following the excitement of last week when we announced in the news section that Orange and T-Mobile would offer subsidised iPads with mobile broadband more details are now starting to emerge about the pricing and availability.

Orange have announced that they will offer the 16gb iPad for £199, the 32gb version for £249 and the 64gb version for £349. T-Mobile are expected to offer the same pricing altough some reports say they will only offer the 16gb device.

Orange’s mobile broadband tariff will be their 1gb anytime plus 1gb off peak (midnight to 4pm) price plan which will be charged at £25 per month for existing customers and £27 a month for new customers. Expensive but not out of line with pay monthly laptop deals.

There is no news yet on T-Mobile’s tariff pricing but we expect to see them either match Orange exactly or (hopefully) push their unlimited mobile broadband offer at a slight pemium – maybe £30 a month? Orange and T-Mobile are expected to launch in time for Christmas

In seperate news 3 have also announced that they will offer subsidised iPads (presumably at the most competitive prices) although not until next year and speculation is growing that Vodafone will no the same.

Orange relaunch mobile broadband tariffs

Orange have today relaunched their mobile broadband tariffs and added a mifi device into their range.

The new Orange mobile broadband plans are not particularly exciting in terms of the amount of included data but Orange have tried to find other ways to make them interesting including:

  • A new £5 mobile broadband tariff with no included data but a low charge of only 5p per megabyte on a one month contract which may be perfect for low users.
  • Unlimited surfing for up to one hour between midnight and 4pm on some tariffs
  • Unlimited public wifi access via hotspots on some tariffs

Generally it seems Orange are trying to reduce the amount of data traffic over their network by minimising inclusive bundles and becoming more attractive to low users. With their tie up with T-Mobile this makes sense as a strategy as they can go after the low users on the congested Orange network and the high data users on the less used T-Mobile Broadband network with their unlimited mobile broadband plan. 

The other interesting thing in their announcement today was the addition of a mobile wifi device to compete alongside the offers from 3 and Vodafone. Again the tariffs aren’t hugely competitive but their are some good deals for lowish users and some interesting one month contracts.

You can see the full range of tariffs on the Orange shop here.

All Kinds Of Awards

We’re still in only in October but the awards season seems to already be in full swing and, never one for subtlety, the mobile industry has been giving itself one big pat on the back of late. Interestingly for readers of this blog there have been seemingly no end of mobile broadband related awards in the last few weeks so I thought it would make sense to pull together here something of a complete list so you can get a feel for who’s been recommended recently. Three seem to be the biggest winners with Vodafone and T-Mobile also doing well which certainly mirrors what we are seeing on this site too. O2 and Orange clearly struggled over the awards although O2 did pick up one prestigious award from industry magazine What Mobile.

Recent Awards In Full

3 Mobile Broadband

  • Broadband Expert – Best Coverage
  • Broadband Expert – Best Laptop Bundle
  • Broadband Expert – Best Overall Provider
  • T3 – Gadget of The Year Award – 3 Mifi
  • Top10 Awards – Best Value Mobile Broadband
  • You Guv Award for Best Mobile Broadband network
  • You Guv – Best Overall Network for Mobile internet
  • What Mobile Awards – Commended Mobile Broadband Provider

 Vodafone Mobile Broadband

  • Broadband Expert – Fastest Actual Speed
  • Broadband Genie – Most Stable Mobile Broadband
  • Broadband Genie – Best Dongle Software
  • Top10 Awards – Fastest Mobile Broadband

T-Mobile Broadband

  • Broadband Expert – Highest Customer Satisfaction
  • Broadband Expert – Fairest Pricing
  • Broadband Genie – Best Downloader
  • Broadband Genie – Best Coverage on Road Tip
  • What Mobile Awards – Commended Mobile Broadband Provider

 O2 Mobile Broadband

  •  What Mobile Awards – Best Mobile Broadband Provider

Orange Mobile Broadband

  • Top10 Awards – Best Customer Benefits (Orange Wednesday’s)

If we’ve missed any (recent) awards please post in the comments and we’ll be sure to add them to the list.

Free Spotify Premium Offer With 3 Mobile Broadband

There’s an interesting, if little publicised, offer on at the moment on all mobile broadband deals with 3 Mobile (dongle, SIM only, free laptop, mobile WiFi, iPad SIMs).

As a 3 Mobile broadband customer you can get three months access to the premium version of Spotify for free. Spotify is a great music streaming service and the premium account lets you stream unlimited music from a vast library at no cost and with no adverts. You can stream the tracks to your PC or laptop and (and this is probably the biggest advantage of the premium account) to a compatible mobile device like a smartphone or ipod. It normally costs £10 a month and there’s no obligation when they three months end. You can obviously stream the music out of your mobile broadband allowance or any other way you’d access spotify.

We love Spotify and think this is a brilliant deal and one Three should probably be making more of. You can see the full T&Cs on the deal pages of any of Three’s mobile broadband deals.

New Guide to 3G iPad SIMs

We’ve added a new guide to the site today, on iPad 3G SIM cards.

We’re big fans of the iPad here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals, it’s a beautiful gadget and does the one thing that Apple does so well, makes us love something we never even knew we wanted. Apart from the lack of Flash support the browsing is second to none on a mobile device and downloading  music, video and apps over the air and playing them instantly still gets us excited.

Generally we still maintain that the best way to access mobile broadband on your iPad is via a mobile WiFi device like 3’s Mifi. It’s cheaper and mobile WiFi means  you can use multiple devices on the same connection and once iPad gets Face Time it’ll also mean you can use it for video conferencing on the move. But for some people the hassle of looking after and remembering a separate mobile WiFi device means the 3G version with it’s built in SIM card slot makes more sense for them.

So we’ve put together a simple guide on what to look for in a 3G iPad SIM deal with links to buy all the pay monthly deals on the market. There are actually some pretty good deals there, you can get basic access on a one month contract for £7.50 a month and 10gb of data on a one month contract for £15 a month. Those one month contracts actually mean the iPad SIM deals are at least as attractive as the best dongle deals available which is pretty good. There aren’t too many deals out there yet but we’re sure more will follow and we wouldn’t be surprised either if some of those offers get a bit more expensive closer to Christmas so now might be a good time to snap one up as once you have the deal you’ll stay on it even if they remove it for new customers.

Either way, if you’re interested in hooking up your 3G iPad, or even thinking about one for the future, why not check out our new 3G iPad SIM Card Deals guide now.

Is MiFi / Mobile WiFi the Future Of Mobile Broadband

We came across an interesting article in Business Week magazine today (you can see it online here). The author is a user of and big fan of mobile wifi (in fact, despite being US based he uses the exact same device available in the UK from Three Mobile Broadband).

Essentially he makes the argument that in today’s world, where many of us have multiple devices (laptops, smartphones, media players, etc) capabale of going online on the move, why should we pay for multiple data or mobile broadband subscriptions to use with each device? Isn’t it better to pay for one subscription or contract and use it for all your devices?

Well mobile wifi lets you do exactly that. The small device works like a mobile broadband dongle and connects to the Internet via the mobile networks but then creates a mobile wifi hotspot that you can conncet to with multiple devices. So no more need to pay a fortune for data charges on your wifi enabled mobile phone, or to have a seperate mobile broadband and mobile phone data contract. You can just share the connection, and the single bill, amongst any wifi enabled gadgets you have.

Although we love the simplicty of just connecting a dongle and being up and running, we do like mobile wifi a lot and it seems we’re not the only ones. Novatel who make the popular MiFi mobile wifi product just reported that year on year sales were up 85% and with the success of the wifi only iPad and likely huge Christmas sales to come for it we only expect those sales to keep rising. So it does beg the question, is mobile wifi the future of mobile broadband? What do you think?

You can check out all top mobile wifi contracts in the UK in our mobile wifi section.

Three Win Best Mobile Broadband Provider in Broadband Expert Awards

Very quick blog post today to update you on the results of some mobile broadband themed awards. Broadband site Broadband Expert announced today the winners of their awards for 2010 with some interesting mobile broadband news.

Three won the main award for best mobile broadband provider, which is based on customer ratings and feedback as well as mobile broadband speed tests.

Three were also successful in awards for best mobile broadband coverage and best free laptop with mobile broadband deals.

Vodafone mobile broadband won the award for fastest mobile broadband, just beating Three into second place with an average speed of 1.78Mbps compared to Three’s 1.76Mbps.

T-Mobile mobile broadband won the awards for best customer satisfaction and fairest pricing.

You can see the press release of these results on Broadband Expert’s site here and compare the best mobile broadband deals here.

UN Backing Mobile Broadband To Assist Millennium Development Goals

Wow, we felt a little bit humbled today when our trawl across the web for all things mobile broadband related came across this report on Computer Weekly.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) recently released a report calling for a much more rapid rollout of mobile broadband globally. So far, so expected you may think, it’s kind of in their interest to make calls like that but the really interesting thing is that the report has been picked up by no lesser a body than the UN who have echoed the call, called for access to broadband to be a universal human right and stated it can be a factor in helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (end poverty and hunger, universal education, gender equality, child health, maternal health, combat HIV/Aids, environmental sustainability and global partnership by 2015).

We can be a little narrowly focussed here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals. We love mobile broadband and like talking about it but we’re mostly preoccupied with mobile broadband in the UK, a well developed country with good access to telecommunications amongst other substantial benefits. It’s a little humbling to think how the same technology that we love over here could make a very real difference in helping to achieve such lofty goals elsewhere in the world.

90% of the world’s population will soon be within coverage of wireless networks and numerous economics studies have already shown how access to mobile phones can bring about substantial increases in quality of life in everything from access to medical information to helping to establish an efficient (i.e. none exploitative) market for locally sourced fishing and agriculture. That’s hugely powerful and makes a very real difference to the lives of hundreds of millions, or even billions of people but imagine what development opportunities access to proper mobile broadband could have. Especially when combined with the One Laptop Per Child programme. We wholeheartedly salute the UN on a topic we hadn’t perhaps given enough consideration to in the past and will certainly look to hold dear to our hearts in future.

How Many Mobile Broadband Users Are There Out There?

An interesting, if slightly obscure, bit of mobile broadband news today comes from the Australian Bureau of Statistics which claims that 36% of the active internet subscriptions in Australia are on mobile broadband, up from 31% at the end of December.

We’re, as you might have guessed from our site title, interested in mobile broadband in the UK, not Australia but seeing it in the news (yes we do like to check obscure tech news sites, I doubt it’s been reported on breakfast telly) made us wonder again just how many mobile broadband users there are out there in the UK. We love mobile broadband and will sing its praises to everyone but 36% does sound a very high number.

There was a report from our very own Office of National Statistics back in August that of the 38 million Internet Users in the UK, 45% have used the mobile internet to access the web but as this includes usage over mobile phones we don’t think this really counts. What we’re really interested in is how many people are using mobile broadband via a dongle or built into a laptop or tablet PC to properly access on the move.

We know the UK has one of the most advanced mobile broadband markets in the world. We’re physically a relatively small country with a high population density so generally have good 3G coverage in most places, plus we have the cheapest mobile broadband deals in Europe.

The GSM Association in January predicted that the numbers of mobile broadband users throughout Europe would double to 43 million by the end of next year with the UK continuing to lead the way. With some of the recent news from Ofcom allowing increased 3G signal strength and also an investigation into the 3G speeds being offered by our networks, plus the noises coming out of the EU about reserving more of the radio spectrum for mobile broadband services things certainly look rosy for the future of mobile broadband in the UK.

So whilst we can quite confidently predict some fast growth, the secrecy of the networks about their current sales and subscriber numbers mean that we can’t get an accurate figure of how many mobile broadband users there are out there are out there right now, which is a huge shame as the number of users on a given network will affect the speed they can serve so it would be an interesting data point to have. If any of you have any interesting facts on this please post them in the comments section.

Welcome To The New UK-Mobile-Broadband-Deals


Welcome to the new blog on the new

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve visited this site before we’ve made some significant changes in relaunching the site. We’ve always strived to be a one stop shop showing you all the mobile broadband deals available in the UK and making it easy for you to find the right deal by presenting them in clear, simple to understand and compare tables.

The site has always worked well with this and has served its purpose over the last year but we want it to be more, so much more than that.

So today sees the launch of the new site, designed to be your one stop shop for everything mobile broadband related and the number one dedicated online resource in the UK for mobile broadband.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve added:

Mobile Broadband News: A new section designed to allow you to catch up on all the latest happenings in the world of mobile broadband. We’ll be featuring the latest stories around how the technology is developing and adapting as well as sharing the very latest deals in an ‘offers news’ section so you can quickly and easily see what’s new.

Mobile Broadband Guides: As well as helping you find the right deals we want to make sure we can answer any questions you may have on mobile broadband so we’ve put together a package of guides on everything from how to use a dongle for the first time to what to look for in a free laptop to what deals are compatible with Macs. We’ll be adding to this in the coming weeks and months and aim to build it into the leading mobile broadband information resource available anywhere.

Free Laptop Reviews: Free laptop deals are becoming an increasingly popular part of the mobile broadband world but it can be difficult to judge which laptop is right for you with the basic information often given by the networks. We now review every free laptop we feature and analyse what’s good, what’s bad and what to expect form each laptop to help make it much easier for you to decide which deal is right for you.

Blog: You’ve probably notice this already – if not, wake up you’re sleep reading :-) The blog is going to be our way of interacting with you. We’ll regular post on anything and everything of interest in the mobile broadband world from the latest deals to all the updates from the networks and the news stories we feature. We really want this to be an interactive mobile broadband forum so please comment on the stories and post your opinions.

New deals section: As mobile WiFi has become more popular, especially with the launch of the iPad, we thought it was about time we added a mobile WiFi deal section. There’s only Three and Vodafone selling these products so far but we’re confident it will grow in time. To make room in the tables we’ve also moved the mobile broadband coverage and speed section into the top navigation and added some more content there too. We’re also in the process of conducting our own exhaustive mobile broadband speed test around the country so stay tuned and watch out for a substantial update here as we report back on the fastest average speed we find in locations throughout the UK.

New homepage and navigation: With all this great new content we wanted to make sure it was as simple as possible to get to the information that was most important to you so we’ve completely redesigned our homepage so we can feature links to all the best information in one place and added more comprehensive navigation at the top of every page so you’re never more than a click or two from any part of our site.

More about us: We really value your trust as our users so we want to be as transparent as possible so we’ve added about us, privacy policy and earnings disclosure pages so you know more about us and can trust what we say.

A lot of time, effort and very hard work have gone into the new site and we’re really proud of the result. Please take a look around the sire and feel free to comment below or get in touch and let us know what you think. And look out for more blog posts from us in the very near future.

Enjoy, UKMBBD.