3 Send Out Human Hotspots Across UK

Users can connect to hotspots wirelessly as with a MiFi device

3 Human HotspotIn an interesting PR stunt, the 3 network will be sending out ‘human wireless hotspots’ to locations across the UK in the run up to Christmas. The human hotspots will be dressed in all in white costumes and will be carrying MiFidevices which allow users to access the 3 mobile broadband service over wifi. Anyone who spots one of the walking hotspots will be able to connect to the wireless access point for free and try out the service.

MiFi works by connecting to the mobile broadband network, just like an internet dongle, but instead of being tied to just one device it sets up a mobile wifi hotspot and allows you to connect up to five devices at once. It is proving very popular with users who are increasingly carrying more than one device capable of accessing the internet and means you can connect a laptop, tablet computer, smartphone, MP3 player and other internet connected devices like sat navs and cameras at the same time and only pay for one connection. The human hotspot service may be just a PR stunt for 3 but if you’re doing your Christmas shopping when they are around and are interested in the service it could be a good opportunity to try it out.

The 3 Mobile Broadband human hotspots will be in the following cities in the run up to Christmas:

- London 19/11
- Cardiff 26/11
- Bristol 27/11
- Nottingham 4/12
- Newcastle 11/12

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