87% Of Population In Mobile Broadband Areas

OfCom research contrasts with higher numbers reported by networks

Ofcom logoTelephone regulator Ofcom has published research showing that 87% of the population now live within 3G coverage and thus can have access to high speed mobile broadband where they live.

As network quality and coverage become more differentiating and competitive factors for the main networks it’s no surprise to see them investing in it more which is great news for us consumers. The research does contrast slightly with the announcements made by the mobile broadband providers about their coverage, 3 for example claim 97% population coverage and Orange 95% coverage with 3G but this will almost certainly be due to the methodology used.

Ofcom’s research found that only 12% of the population weren’t happy with the current level of mobile broadband coverage which matches very closely with the proportion of the population not covered at home. Also, large population centres were, not surprisingly, well covered but rural villages in large, sparsely populated areas of the UK, especially in Wales and Scotland were not within reach of 3G coverage, definitely a factor in the current debate about the digital divide.

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