Facebook Top Site As MBB Usage Grows

Social network site heads list of most visited sites in new research

Facebook3 Mobile broadband this week released research showing how their customers are using their mobile internet service. The data was only from mobile broadband dongle users and the staggering fact was that in July alone more than 2.5 terabytes (2,500 gigabytes) of data were downloaded over Three’s network alone.

Not surprisingly Facebook was by far the most visited site and accounted for almost a third of the data usage. Less expected though was the fact that the second highest amount of downloads came from social gaming platform Zynga, with almost 15% of the total. Zynga produce games Farmville, popular with social network users and relatively graphically intense which explains part of the high data usage – but still, 15%? On Farmville? Other domains to make the top 10 include the usual suspects of Google, You Tube, MSN and Hotmail with Apple a high placed site too – probably related to downloads from the iTunes platform.

All this suggests a huge amount of mobile broadband usage, and particularly consumer rather than business usage which is consistent with other studies we’ve seen recently showing a big increase in mobile internet take up over the last year or so. Not so long ago mobile broadband was expensive and largely the preserve of business customers so it’s great to see high allowance, low cost deals like T-Mobile’s unlimited mobile broadband offer and 3’s own 15gb internet dongle deal cutting through with a consumer audience. We firmly believe that mobile broadband should be for everyone and even if we’re a bit surprised to see social gaming doing so well we’re certainly delighted to see the technology breaking through to a wider audience.