iPad Deals Now Available on 3

More mobile broadband for less to attract customers

iPadThree have today launched the iPad with mobile broadband on their online shop.

In a move which undercuts T-Mobile and Orange, Three are offering the iPad on pay monthly with 15gb of mobile broadband access every month for just £25 a month. The price with Orange and T-Mobile is £27 a month (reduced to £25 in you are an existing customer of the network) and for only 1gb of anytime mobile broadband and 1gb of offpeak mobile broadband. Three’s up front prices are exactly the same as Orange and T-Mobile at:

- £199 for 16gb iPad
-£249 for 32gb iPad
-£349 for 64gb iPad

Three have won plenty of awards recently for their 3G coverage and quality of their mobile broadband deals but ir remains to be seen how much the major advertising push and first mover advantage will benefit the Orange iPad and T-Mobile iPad offers.

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