iPad on Contract Deals Now Live

Popular Tablet Computer Now Available With Mobile Broadband

Steve Jobs With iPadAfter some feverish speculation here at UK Mobile Broadband Deals over the last week or two the first iPad with mobile broadband deals are now live and they aren’t bad at all.

The first network’s out of the block are T-Mobile and Orange who have launched with more or less identical deals of £27 a month for 1gb anytime mobile broadband and a further 1gb of offpeak mobile broadband (defined at midnight to 4pm). The contract is exactly the same with both network’s although existing customers do get a discount of £2 a month so if you’ve already got a phone contract with Orange or T-Mobile it should be a no brainer which one to go with.

Interestingly T-Mobile are only offering the 16gb iPad (at a price of £199 with contract) but Orange have both the 32gb (£249) and 64gb (£349) so it’s a little harsh for T-Mobile customers who would prefer to have one of the higher capacity iPads – although our money is on the vast majority of sales being on the 16gb at £199 anyway, especially in the run up to Christmas.

Other network’s haven’t yet announced their iPad contract pricing but we would expect to see very similar offerings if the latest iPhone tariffs are anything to go by. 3 expect to have the iPad for sale in the high street before Christmas (although perhaps not online until the New Year) and Vodafone have also announced they will be offering the iPad with contract so it may be worth waiting to see what deals follow these first ones.

If you simply cannot wait it’s worth bearing in mind that these deals really aren’t too bad. They are two year contracts and based on the £15 a month Orange mobile broadband deal so allowing for an extra £10 a month the iPad itself essentially costs £240 plus the upfront charge over two years, slightly less than they retail for without mobile broadband and with a heavy discount up front.

You can check out all the latest pay monthly iPad deals as they go live on our new iPad Contracts page.