Samsung Demos Superfast Wimax 2

330Mbps speeds in glimpse of the future of mobile broadband

Wimax logoMobile broadband speeds are notoriously unpredictable. At their best they can exceed most home broadband connections and nip along at speeds close to the maximum 3G speed of 7.2Mbps. For most users, most of the time, however, you can expect a realistic speed of something more like 1Mbps, perfectly usable and acceptable for on the go broadband access but nothing to write home about.

So we were excited this morning when we saw a glimpse of the potential future of mobile broadband in the form of a demo by South Korean giants Samsung of the new WiMax 2 technology. For those not quite as geeky as us Wimax is a fairly new technology that allows wide coverage of high speed data access. Think of it as something of a cross between a vast high speed WiFi network and the traditional mobile phone networks. The demo by Samsung was of the latest version of this early technology; Wimax 2.

Samsung showed off the technology delivering speeds of a whopping 330Mbps, mobile broadband roughly 20 – 30 times faster than the fastest home broadband speeds widely available right now. Samsung showed 16 high definition videos streaming through four different screens using the same connection with no lag. It’s obviously very early days and we don’t expect to see mobile broadband like this commercially available in the UK anytime soon but it is an exciting glimpse of what the future might hold and something for us all to dream of.