Samsung Galaxy Tab Well Received

Samsung target one million sales for tablet PC device

Samsung Galaxy TabSamsung’s iPad rival the Galaxy Tab launched in the UK this week and early reviews and sales look very positive for the South Korean electronics giant. The 7″ Android powered tablet PC has been largely well received by the media and public as the most credible alternative to the popular Apple device and the Head of Samsung’s Mobile Division has targeted one million sales by the end of the year.

The Galaxy Tab and other tablets are hugely exciting devices for mobile broadband users as they offer a highly portable and easy to use way of accessing the mobile internet when out and about, especially when paired with a mifi device like those from 3 Mobile Broadband and Orange. Their compact size, customisable apps and touchscreens bring a new dimension to browsing on the move and whilst they obviously don’t have all the functionality of a free laptop or netbook their portable nature, ‘instant on’ function and ever growing range of games mean they do have some advantages.

One disadvantage, so far at least, is the price which has not been as well received as the actual devices. The Galaxy Tab retails at around £500 whilst an iPad is closer to £600, almost twice the cost of a good netbook. It remains to be seen whether the networks will look to bundle subsidised tablets with mobile broadband in the way they do with pay monthly laptops which could see their popularity explode.