Three MiFi Wins T3 Gadget of The Year

Popular Mobile WiFI Device Beats Of Strong Competition to Claim Prize

3 MifiThe popular 3 MiFi device last night won the coveted ”best work gadget of the year” award from gadget magazine T3. The device beat of strong competition from other top gadgets nominated including the Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone 4 and Blackberry Bold 9700. The award comes on top of other mobile broadband themed prizes won by 3 in recent weeks including Best Network for Mobile Broadband at the Broadband Genie Awards, Best Value Mobile Broadband at the Top10 and number one network for iPhone from YouGov.

As with a dongle, MiFi uses the mobile phone 3G networks to create a mobile broadband signal at speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, however, the difference is that MiFi then creates a local WiFi hotspo with the connection that up to five gadgets at once can conncet to. So you can access the Internet, for example a couple of laptops, an iPod Touch, a Nintendo DSi and a smart phone all at once off one high speed mobile broadband connection.

MiFi is available free on contract from 3 with deals from just £9.50 a month. Compare all UK MiFi Deals.