Vodafone reduces roaming charges in Europe

Network makes it much cheaper to use mobile broadband abroad

3 LogoWhilst historically it has been horrendously expensive to use mobile broadband abroad we’ve recently seen the networks launching more and more competitive offers to entice you to take your dongle with you rather than leave it at home. The latest move comes this week from Vodafone who have announced new roaming prices for mobile broadband in Europe.

As of tomorrow, travellers in Europe will be able to benefit from by far the best roaming charges we’ve yet seen. For occasional users you’ll be able to access 25MB of data a day for just £2 per day (enough for light use of email and web browsing for an hour or two) or more frequent travellers can pay £10 a month and access 25MB of data any day they are abroad. These prices compare very well with typical roaming prices of up to £3 per MB in Europe without any bundles and are better than even the previously leading bundle prices of T-Mobile.

Travelling outside Europe can be a very different matter and it can still be very easy to rack up very large bills or have your usage cut off when you reach a certain point (typically around £40 within a calendar month) so you should always check the charges for the country you are going to travel to in advance before using your mobile broadband connection abroad.

The new Vodafone mobile broadband roaming prices aren’t automatic and customers do need to opt in so be sure to contact Vodafone customer service before you travel to get the new prices.

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