Welcome To The New UK-Mobile-Broadband-Deals


Welcome to the new blog on the new UK-Mobile-Broadband-Deals.com.

As you’ve probably noticed if you’ve visited this site before we’ve made some significant changes in relaunching the site. We’ve always strived to be a one stop shop showing you all the mobile broadband deals available in the UK and making it easy for you to find the right deal by presenting them in clear, simple to understand and compare tables.

The site has always worked well with this and has served its purpose over the last year but we want it to be more, so much more than that.

So today sees the launch of the new site, designed to be your one stop shop for everything mobile broadband related and the number one dedicated online resource in the UK for mobile broadband.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve added:

Mobile Broadband News: A new section designed to allow you to catch up on all the latest happenings in the world of mobile broadband. We’ll be featuring the latest stories around how the technology is developing and adapting as well as sharing the very latest deals in an ‘offers news’ section so you can quickly and easily see what’s new.

Mobile Broadband Guides: As well as helping you find the right deals we want to make sure we can answer any questions you may have on mobile broadband so we’ve put together a package of guides on everything from how to use a dongle for the first time to what to look for in a free laptop to what deals are compatible with Macs. We’ll be adding to this in the coming weeks and months and aim to build it into the leading mobile broadband information resource available anywhere.

Free Laptop Reviews: Free laptop deals are becoming an increasingly popular part of the mobile broadband world but it can be difficult to judge which laptop is right for you with the basic information often given by the networks. We now review every free laptop we feature and analyse what’s good, what’s bad and what to expect form each laptop to help make it much easier for you to decide which deal is right for you.

Blog: You’ve probably notice this already – if not, wake up you’re sleep reading :-) The blog is going to be our way of interacting with you. We’ll regular post on anything and everything of interest in the mobile broadband world from the latest deals to all the updates from the networks and the news stories we feature. We really want this to be an interactive mobile broadband forum so please comment on the stories and post your opinions.

New deals section: As mobile WiFi has become more popular, especially with the launch of the iPad, we thought it was about time we added a mobile WiFi deal section. There’s only Three and Vodafone selling these products so far but we’re confident it will grow in time. To make room in the tables we’ve also moved the mobile broadband coverage and speed section into the top navigation and added some more content there too. We’re also in the process of conducting our own exhaustive mobile broadband speed test around the country so stay tuned and watch out for a substantial update here as we report back on the fastest average speed we find in locations throughout the UK.

New homepage and navigation: With all this great new content we wanted to make sure it was as simple as possible to get to the information that was most important to you so we’ve completely redesigned our homepage so we can feature links to all the best information in one place and added more comprehensive navigation at the top of every page so you’re never more than a click or two from any part of our site.

More about us: We really value your trust as our users so we want to be as transparent as possible so we’ve added about us, privacy policy and earnings disclosure pages so you know more about us and can trust what we say.

A┬álot of time, effort and very hard work have gone into the new site and we’re really proud of the result. Please take a look around the sire and feel free to comment below or get in touch and let us know what you think. And look out for more blog posts from us in the very near future.

Enjoy, UKMBBD.