Pay Monthly Laptops

  • Get a free laptop when you sign up to a mobile broadband contract with the network of your choice
  • Choose from high spec, full power laptops or simple,portable netbooks
  • Deals include a free internet dongle for easy access to high speed mobile broadband

Laptop, Tablet or Netbook?

  • Laptops are larger with more power, netbooks and tablets tend to be lighter and more portable
  • Think what you will use your machine for, tablets and netbooks are great for Internet and browsing but a laptop is more suitable for other uses
  • How often will you use 3G data? Do you want a high monthly allowance or occasional use

Free Laptop With Mobile Broadband

  • Most networks have offers of free laptops with mobile broadband, the best are below
  • Free laptop deals are typically 24 month deals, just like most new mobile phone contracts
  • Remember tocheck the coverage maps of the network you are looking for to ensure good 3G mobile coverage
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  Network Monthly Cost Monthly Allowance Extras / Details Laptop Price  
  Vodafone £25 1 gb             Star buy Acer D255 netbook. Windows 7, 1gb RAM, 250gb hard drive. HD screen. Very small and light £29 Free Laptop - More Info
  Vodafone £25 15 gb           Star buy New Apple iPad from £99 on a 24 month contract £99 Free Laptop - More Info
  Vodafone £30 1 gb             Acer D255 netbook. Windows 7, 1gb RAM, 250gb hard drive. HD screen. Very small and light FREE Free Laptop - More Info
  Three £31 15 gb           Star buy New Samsung RV515. Windows 7 Premium, 3gb RAM, 500gb hard drive, top spec processor, HD screen £99 Free Laptop - More Info
  Vodafone £35 2 gb Acer Aspire AS5253 laptop. WIndows 7, 320gb hard drive, dual core processor, 3GB RAM, 15.6" HD screen £29 Free Laptop - More Info
  Vodafone £37 2 gb Acer Aspire 4820T laptop. Windows 7, 250GB hard drive, DVD RW, Intel Core i3core processor, HDTV, 14” wide screen £49 Buy NOW

Free Laptop & Mobile Broadband

Pay Monthly Laptops Deals

This page shows all the free laptop deals available in the UK from the main mobile networks. You can also find more detail on each of these in our free laptops reviews section. Generally when you take out a free laptop contract there is a choice of either a free traditional laptop or a free netbook. Which is right for you is simply a personal choice depending on what you are looking for and what you will use it for.

Free Netbooks

Netbooks are small and light PCs, ideal for carrying around, usually about the size of a small ’handbag size’ magazine. They tend to be less powerful than full size laptops but are great for browsing the Internet, staying in touch via email or Facebook and storing your photos, videos and music. They are particularly good as a second PC, for travelling on trains or planes or for carrying around.

Free Laptops

Laptops are more powerful and these days are effective replacements for desktop PCs with fast processors and large hard drives. For around £30 / £35 a month you can get a top spec laptop like the Compaq CQ62 or Samsung R530. They are slightly less portable and more expensive than netbooks but make up for it with their high power. You can judge the physical size of the laptop based on it’s screen size but around 15” is pretty standard.

Want some great free laptop deals?

Laptops are more popular now than ever, but they can be expensive, especially for a brand new, high-end model. If you are in need of a fantastic laptop but want a solution which is easier on your pocket, you've come to the right place.

We have an unbeatable choice of free laptops with mobile broadband and some great pay monthly laptops. Whatever you want or need your laptop for, we can show you the best offers out there on the market from some of the UK's top suppliers so you can get your mobile broadband with free laptop for less.

We can show you the best free laptops with mobile broadband

Here at, we're passionate about finding the latest and greatest free laptop deals, and we want to help YOU find them. Mobile broadband just gets bigger and better every day, and more and more people are discovering its benefits. There are so many incredible mobile broadband with free laptop deals out there, that you will be amazed at the choice on offer - just like us.

You can find the best free laptop deals here with ease. Simply browse our comparison tables and decide which offers, such as free laptop deals or a monthly contract for mobile broadband with free laptop, will suit your needs the best. If you want a 3g dongle with pay monthly mobile broadband or pay as you go mobile broadband then we can help you with that too!

Why pay monthly laptops can work for you

If you are at university or work from home, a laptop can be a much better option than a desktop PC. They offer greater convenience, as they can be used in almost any location. Pay monthly laptops can give you the freedom to choose a brand new, top quality laptop on a convenient payment plan without having to find a lump sum. There are also some unbelievable free laptops with mobile broadband packages out there, giving you even more choice on how to pay and giving you reliable internet access at the same time.

When choosing pay monthly laptops or any of the free laptop deals featured on our site, it is important to think about what mobile broadband package will best suit your requirements. We bring you the best and cheapest mobile broadband with free laptop packages we can find, so you can get top hardware with fast, reliable internet access. Pay monthly laptops could be just the solution you've been looking for!

Key advantages of free laptops with mobile broadband

The fantastic free laptops with mobile broadband we bring you are from some of the top mobile broadband suppliers in the UK, so you can be sure that we only give you the best options on the market. By going for one of the mobile broadband with free laptop deals we feature, you will receive a fantastic piece of hardware while paying only for the broadband itself on a fixed term contract.

How Much Mobile Broadband Data?

When taking out a free laptop with mobile broadband contract you should also think about how much data you want with your mobile internet connection. Most free laptop deals come with a dongle although some do have an internal slot for a SIM card so you don’t need to worry about carrying the dongle around too. We have a helpful guide to how much data you might need but as a general rule of thumb, 1gb is suitable for light browsing, 3-5gb for regular use of Internet and email and 15gb will cover most users needs including downloading lots of music, watching TV and video and even making web calls via Skype.