How Much Mobile Broadband Data Do I Need? A Guide From UK Mobile Broadband Deals
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How Much Mobile Broadband Data Do I Need?

A simple guide to which data limit is right for you

Choosing The Right Plan

Acer AOD 260One of the most confusing aspects of buying a mobile broadband subscription is deciding how much data you need to use with your dongle. Prices vary a lot depending on which network you decide to go with and how much data you want so it’s useful to have a view on how much you are going to use your new mobile broadband connection. One thing to bear in mind is that if you exceed your data allowance it can get expensive quickly with out of bundle data typically costing a lot more than the included amount. If you are concerned that you might go over and are worried about bill shock, one possible option is T-Mobile’s Unlimited plan which costs £10 a month and means you’ll never be charged more..

Checking Your Balance Checking your usage
All of the networks make it very easy for you to check how much mobile broadband you’ve used so far in a month so as long as you keep an eye on this you’re unlikely to run over and you can switch to a higher or lower amount within your data plan if you find it’s too much or not enough for you. Whenever you connect your mobile broadband dongle a simple interface is launched on your PC which allows you to connect to the Internet, check your connection speed and also view your account to see information about your bill, how much data you’ve used, etc.

Understanding How Much Data You Want
The key to working out how big a mobile broadband allowance you need is to understand how much Internet usage you can get for each gigabyte of data. There’s a simple overview below of how much usage you can get for each of the main data allowances :

1gbBest for light users, you can typically expect at least:
1000 emails
10 hours web surfing
20 minutes of online video
32 music track downloads


3gbGood for medium use, you can typically expect at least:
3000 emails
30 hours web surfing
60 minutes of online video
100 music track downloads


5gbGood for heavier use, you can typically expect at least:
5000 emails
50 hours web surfing
100 minutes of online video
160 music track downloads


15gbPlenty for all but the very heaviest user, expect at least:
15,000 emails
150 hours web surfing
Five hours of online video
500 music track downloads
Plenty of data for other users, like video calls, online gaming, etc


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