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Unlimited Mobile Broadband

A simple guide to understanding unlimited mobile broadband deals

Avoiding bill shock from exceeding your data limit


If you’re looking to use mobile broadband as your main way of accessing the Internet, want to use a lot of data on the go or simply want to guard against bill shock by ensuring you can’t go over your data allowance and run up big bills then unlimited mobile broadband may be just the thing for you. With most mobile broadband deals there is a finite amount of data access included for a monthly fee. As long as you choose the right package for you (see our how much data do I need? guide) this isn’t a problem but if your mobile broadband needs fluctuate and one month you run over the allowance you then start getting charged separately for all the data that you use and with out of bundle data costing anything from around £20 to £100 per gigabyte there’s a risk that you could run up a big bill.

Unlimited mobile broadband guards against this by capping the amount that you will pay at a fixed monthly rate so that you never get charged more than this for using mobile broadband in the UK (there are still roaming charges if you decide to use it abroad).

Unfortunately as of October 2012 the last unlimited mobile broadband deals on the market appear to been withdrawn. The closest we can now recommend is a 15gb deal from Three for £15.99 a month. See Top Deals for more info.