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  Network Monthly Cost Monthly Allowance Contract Extras / Details  
  Three £15.99 5gb Star buy 1 Month Free high speed HSPA+ dongle (USB modem stick) Buy NOW
  Three £7.87 1gb   24 Months Free dongle (USB modem stick) Buy NOW
  O2 £10 1 gb   1 Month £10 dongle unlimited, free WiFi. Best One Month Deal Buy NOW
  Vodafone £10 1gb   30 Days £19 for a 3G dongle Buy NOW
  EE £13 1gb   24 Months Free dongle. fast 4G mobile broadband. Buy NOW
  Vodafone £15 2gb       30 Days £19 for a 3G dongle Buy NOW
  EE £16 3gb   24 Months Free dongle. fast 4G mobile broadband. Buy NOW
  Three £19.99 15gb Star buy 24 months £34.99 highest speed 4G dongle (USB modem stick) Buy NOW
  Three £19.99 15gb   24 months Free high speed HSPA+ dongle (USB modem stick) Buy NOW
  Vodafone £20 4 gb   12 months £29 for a super fast 4G dongle Buy NOW
  Vodafone £30 10 gb Star buy 12 months £29 for a super fast 4G dongle Buy NOW

Cheap Internet Dongles

The Cheapest Mobile Broadband Dongle Deals

This page shows all the best mobile broadband dongle deals on the market from the main mobile networks. These are the generally the cheapest mobile broadband deals available with offers starting from as little as £5. All the main networks, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, etc have at least one offer at these price points and it’s worth looking around at the different offers and price points to find the right cheap mobile broadband deal for you.

Things to Think About

Generally when taking out a mobile broadband contract and deciding how much you are prepared to pay there are three main things to think about, the network you want to use, how much data you need, and how long a contract you are prepared to enter in to. You should then also consider any extra points that are important to you such as getting a free dongle or whether you also want to get free WiFi access in hotspots.

Networks, Data and Contract Length

All the networks do a pretty good job of giving you pretty fast and reliable cheap mobile broadband with fairly good coverage of the UK population but you can check our mobile broadband speed and coverage section for more information and links to coverage maps. The amount of data you want access to is also a key consideration. For light browsers 1gb a month is probably enough but for heavier use you will want a bigger data allowance. If you need more information on this you can check our guide to mobile broadband data usage.

It’s worth bearing in mind that if you exceed your usage allowance you may be charged high bills for extra data, one tip is to opt for an option such as T-Mobile’s unlimited mobile broadband offer which might cap the speed of access for very heavy usage but will never charge you if you go over your allowance. Finally you should consider how long a contract you are prepared to sign up for. You generally get a better deal if you are prepared to sign up for longer and the very best value offers on this page tend to be for 18 month contracts. If you are looking for a shorter contract you may need to consider a slightly more expensive deal.

Looking for the best mobile internet dongle deals?

With mobile broadband becoming more and more popular, there are some fantastic internet dongle deals available, and we aim to help you find the best option for you. Whatever budget you have, and whatever network provider you are looking for, we provide a vast selection of offers for you to compare.

To find your ideal mobile internet dongle deals, all you have to do is browse the listings we've presented for you, and then weigh up the prices. With the market being so competitive, we understand how confusing trying to find the best deal can be, which is why we want to help you get the deal you want at the best possible price.

How do I know which mobile internet dongle to go for?

Finding the right mobile internet dongle can seem confusing, but luckily we happen to know a thing or two about it. There are various mobile broadband dongle packages available through our site, with different monthly allowances, from 1gb through to an unlimited amount. These 3G dongle deals are updated regularly as new offers become available.

With so many different dongle deals for you to browse, we genuinely believe you'll find something which is a perfect match for your needs and budget. We collect the best mobile internet dongle deals from some of the UK's top networks, bringing you top quality packages to compare mobile broadband deals from, and our service costs you nothing.

Where can I use my mobile broadband dongle?

A mobile broadband dongle can just be plugged into your computer's USB port for easy, convenient internet access in most areas of the UK. This is especially useful if you're not able to have fixed broadband at home, or you travel or work in different places frequently and still need internet access. The mobile internet dongle packages featured on our site offer flexible 3G dongle deals for you to choose the one which will work best for you.

There are plenty of fantastic mobile internet dongle deals available on the market, and we're presenting you with all of the latest offers. There is a vast selection of payment options and tariffs to choose from in the 3G dongle range and when you have found the most suitable mobile broadband dongle for your needs using our comparison table, you can be linked directly with the network provider's offer on their site to purchase straight away.

Trust us to help you find your mobile broadband dongle

We are an independent site and we aim to help you find the best mobile broadband dongle deals on the market. If you have a particular network you want to buy your 3G dongle from, then simply choose to view the deals offered exclusively by them.

The major UK network providers offer some fantastic products at great prices. Whether you want to buy your 3G dongle quickly, or just to compare networks for the latest offers, check out the range of dongle deals on our site now.