iPad Micro SIMs

  • Access the Internet on your iPad when out and about and away from a WiFi hotspot
  • Use 3G mobile networks, no need for wi-fi
  • Micro SIM deals from just £7.50 a month
  • High speed mobile broadband access, up to 7.2mb, faster than many wifi hotspots

SIM Only Mobile Broadband

  • Perfect if you already have a device that can take a SIM card such as a modern laptop, existing dongle or a tablet
  • Which network is right for you? Think about your local coverage and the deal you want.
  • How much data do you want? 1gb is fine for many users but you may want more.

Buying a Pay Monthly iPad

  • Several of the UK Mobile networks now offer subsidised iPads with mobile broadband contracts. We compare the best offers so you can find the deal that's right for you
  • If you already have a 3G iPad you can simply purchase a micro SIM, typically on one month contracts, to access the Internet on the move.
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  Network Monthly Cost Monthly Allowance Contract Details  
  Three £7.50 1 gb 1 month SIM Only mobile broadband. Best 3G coverage & speeds Buy NOW
  Three £15 10 gb 1 month SIM Only mobile broadband. Best 3G coverage & speeds Buy NOW
  Three £7.50 1 gb 1 month iPad micro SIM. Best 3G coverage and speeds Buy NOW
  Vodafone £7.50 0.5 gb 1 month iPad micro SIM includes 1gb wifi access with BT hotspots Buy NOW
  Three £15 10 gb 1 month iPad micro SIM. Best 3G coverage and speeds Buy NOW
  Vodafone £15 2 gb 1 month iPad micro SIM includes 1gb wifi access with BT hotspots Buy NOW
  Three £25 15 gb 24 months Includes 16gb iPad 2 3G for £69 Buy NOW
  Three £25 15 gb 24 months The new iPad from £169 Buy NOW
  Three £29 15 gb 24 months The new iPad from £99 Buy NOW
  Orange £27 1 gb + 1gb off peak 24 months iPad 2 from £139 Buy NOW
  T-Mobile £25 1 gb + 1gb off peak 24 months The new iPad from £229 Buy NOW

iPad Pay Monthly Contracts

A new Apple iPad for just £169

This page shows all the ipad and tablet computer mobile broadband deals available in the market from each of the main networks. The iPad in particular has taken the gadget world by storm and is undoubtedly a highly desirable, but expensive device. These new mobile broadband deals allow you get a heavily subsidised iPad on a pay monthly iPad contract. Other tablet PCs like the Samsung Galaxy Tab are even cheaper. Before signing up to one of these offers you should consider how much data you are really going to use. We have prepared a helpful guide on how much mobile broadband data you are likely to need.

All about the iPad

The iPad launched to much fanfare in 2010 and presented an entirely new perspective on mobile computing. Decribed as 'dizzling, dazzling and debonair' and 'like trading up from VHS to Blu Ray' by Stuff magazine it is undoubtedly the gadget of the year. There's a beautiful high resolution 9.7" capacative touch screen, a speedy 1Ghz processor which keeps it moving at lightening pace, a fantastic ebook reader, great built in speakers, full iTunes compatability and that's before we even mention the stunning design and huge range of apps on the Apple App store. The only problem with the iPad, until now, has been the price, at around £600 it's put off many an aspiring iPadder but now that deeply discounted versions are available with mobile broadband the iPad is becoming affordable for all.

And Other Tablets Too

So the iPad is obviously the current star in the tablet computer crown but it isn't for everyone and it's arrival has sparked some great creativity amongst Apple's rivals with other tablet computers like the Dell Streak and Samsung Galaxy Tab starting to challenge the iPads dominance. And the great news is that these tablets are also becoming available on mobile broadband contracts so even if the iPad isn't for you, there maybe another tablet that is. Check the comparison table above for the latest deals in the market.

Find the Best iPad Contract with Us

If you want one of the most sophisticated, innovative and diverse pieces of technology available on the market today, then look no further than the iPad. Until recently, iPads were only available on a sim-free basis, meaning that accessing the internet on the go via 3G was an extra monthly cost in addition to the outlay for the iPad itself, or required mifi (or mobile wifi) to connect to the Internet. Now iPads are a much more affordable option, available on a fixed term monthly contract with the benefit of a much lower cost up front.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband Deals we can help you compare the best iPad contract deals from respected mobile phone and broadband network providers.

Pay Monthly iPads

We can provide you with a comprehensive list of the best pay monthly iPad deals currently available from network providers Orange and T-Mobile. You can purchase an Orange iPad contract or T-Mobile iPad contract by clicking on a deal shown on our site, taking you straight to the network's own website to complete the purchase.

Internal Storage for Your Pay Monthly iPad

The iPad comes with a choice of internal storage sizes, so you can buy the storage capacity that suits your needs when you purchase a pay monthly iPad. You can choose from a iPad 16GB, iPad 32GB or a 64GB iPad. So, if you require an iPad for simply browsing the internet, sending emails, playing games and storing some music and movie files then you could consider purchasing the iPad 16GB. However, the iPad 32GB obviously has more storage space, and the iPad 64GB even more so, so make sure you choose the best option for your usage requirements.

We can help you compare prices on a iPad 16GB, iPad 32GB and 64GB iPad to help you make sure you get the right iPad contract for the best possible price. As new offers become available from networks, we update our comparisons to make sure you have the latest deals at all times to choose from.

Orange Customers Save Money When Purchasing the Orange iPad

If you are an Orange customer, you can save money on your Orange iPad contract. By purchasing the Orange iPad on our website, you can save money of a monthly bill. This is the Orange network's way of saying thank you for remaining loyal to their service and purchasing the Orange iPad. Therefore, you can enjoy your new innovative and stylish Orange iPad whilst saving money off your monthly bill. So, if you purchase an Orange iPad contract for 24 months, you could ultimately save a whopping amount of money on your new iPad.

Here at UK-Mobile Broadband deals we can show you the best deals on a pay monthly iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab. We constantly update our deals to ensure that the deal you see advertised is reliable and is the best iPad contract that network offers. Whatever internet tablet you are looking for and in whatever screen or storage size, we will have some great deals to choose from.

We have a comprehensive range of the best tablet computer deals available from some of the most recognised and established mobile and broadband providers. So, be sure to visit our website to find the best deal on your iPad 16GB, iPad 32GB or iPad 64GB, and be sure to compare mobile broadband deals too.