EU Urges Countries To Free Up Greater Wireless Spectrum For Mobile Broadband
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EU Urges Greater Wireless Spectrum For MBB

Europe wants more bandwidth made available for mobile broadband

EU flagsThe EU has made a call today (20/9) for European countries to free up more of the wireless spectrum for faster and better mobile broadband connections in the near future. As Europe moves to switch of the analogue TV signal in the coming years there will be more radio spectrum freed up and there is some debate about what is the best use for it. The EU has been concerned that some member states may use that freed spectrum for more local broadcasting and today the European Commission has called instead for it to be resrved for powerful 4G mobile broadband. The EU believes that 4G mobile broadband can bring faster broadband connections to people in more remote locations who are poorly served by fixed broadband, as well as bringing the economic and social benefits of greater mobility. In the UK, Ofcom plans to hold an auction for the freed up spectrum by the end of 2011 and today's news may help ensure that more of it is used to power future mobile broadband connections although the commissions proposals still need approval from the EU parliament and national telecomms ministers before they can be enforced.

Assuming it goes through, what this should mean is a much faster and stronger mobile broadband connection in the future. Although the exact technolgy to be used is not yet 100% locked down early triasl with competing signals suggest mobile broadband using technology like WiMax could offer faster and more reliable speeds than even the fastest fixed line broadband offering available today. There are exciting times ahead in the world of mobile broadband and this directive from Europe can only be a good thing in this regard.