Mobile Broadband On The Tube By 2012?
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Mobile Broadband On The Tube By 2012?

Latest reports suggest MBB on London Undergound soon.

london undergoundThere’s an interesting report in today’s news of a speech given by London Mayor Boris Johnson to City AM yesterday in which he suggested he was in advanced talks with all the five major mobile networks to bring a mobile signal to the London underground in time for the 2012 Olympics

Johnson revealed he was deep into talks and that, whilst the setup would doubtlessly be expensive and final funding details weren’t yet revealed, the preferred option was for the five networks to share the cost of installing the project. Johnsons’s predecessor Ken Livingstone had explored this in the past and had previously indicated he was keen on the idea but it would be dependent on the operators paying a fee to Transport For London for the rights to operate the service, the deal eventually stalled as it wasn’t seen as

commercially viable. If the new proposal allows the networks to pay for the installation but with no further charges there may be more potential.

Whilst making phone calls on a noisy underground train doesn’t sound overly exciting to us, the potential for passing longer tube journeys browsing the net, playing games or catching up on facebook using mobile broadband on our laptops, tablet PCs or mobile phones certainly does so we’re keeping our fingers crossed this comes to something and that it also incorporates a strong 3G signal for good mobile broadband coverage.