Mobile Broadband Speeds Up By A Third in 2010
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Mobile Broadband Speeds up By 1/3 This Year

Worldwide Study Finds Significant Improvement In Last 12 Months

Mobile Broadand Speed IncreasesA major study by Oxford University, sponsored by Cisco, has revealed that average mobile broadband speeds worldwide have increased by more than a third over the last twelve months. The third annual broadband study from Oxford's Said Business School analysed data from more than 40 million broadband tests conducted in May and June this year and compared them to the previous studies. At an overall level the quality of broadband connections worldwide had increased by 50% over the last three years but the mobile broadband part is showing much faster acceleration.

The average mobile broadband download speed is now just under one megabit per second at 936Kbs which is 35% faster than in 2009 whilst upload speeds have accelerated even faster, to 277Kbps which is 100% faster than a year ago. Not surprisingly the USA and European countries (noteably Spain, Denmark and Sweden) have the fastest connections worldwide but Britain isn't far behind and we do have the best value mobile broadband in the world.

Mobile broadband speeds obviously vary significantly depending on factors like location and population density (you can find out more in our mobile broadband speed guide) but an average of 1Mbps is certainly consistent with what we see in out regular tests and means that mobile broadband is increasingly becoming a viable alternative to fixed line broadband as well as providing greater convenience and security when out and about.