Ofcome Allow 3G Signal Boost
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Ofcom To Allow 3G Signal Boost

Regulator approves networks' request for stronger signal

Mobile Broadband SignalUK communications regulator Ofcom has given a boost to mobile broadband users throughout the country by approving an upgrade in the signal strength that mobile phone networks can offer 3G services on. Under previous regulations, 3G signals were capped at a signal strength of 62dBm (dBm is the power ratio in decibels measured to one milliwat if you're interested). Mobile network's had complained that their 3G services were being hampered by the regulations, especially as more data hungry smartphone, tablet PC and, of course, mobile broadband users join their networks. The networks had requested an increase in the power of the signal they were allowed to use to 65 dBm and this has now been approved. In a very dry statement Ofcom said that 'dependent on network operators this has the potential to increase voice capacity, data throughput and inbuilding signal availability by making more effective use of currently available base station technology'.

Essential what it means is we should get a stronger 3G signal which should make for a faster mobile broadband on average, and anything that helps out with that is alright by us!