OfCom To Probe Mobile Broadband Speeds
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Ofcom To Probe Mobile Broadband Speeds

Industry to undergo formal speed checks

Mobile Broadband Speed DialCommunications regulator Ofcom has announced that it will be running an investigation into the actual speed of mobile broadband service that users are getting. Previously fixed line broadband providers have come under fire from the regulator for promoting headline 'up to' speeds that users rarely see matched in real life and Ofcom has threatened to come down hard on ISPs who fail to live up to their promises. A high profile campaign from Channel Five's Gadget Show has also called for more transparency in advertised broadband speeds. Now it appears that Ofcom has its sites set on the mobile broadband networks too. As anyone familiar with using a mobile broadband service will doubtless testify, the quality of mobile broadband services can vary greatly for any given network depending on location, time or day, how many other users are using the 3G signal at a given time and a myriad of other factors. One thing that is consistent though is that users very rarely receive the 7.2Mbps maximum speeds that are referenced by the networks.

In fairness to the mobile broadband providers, they are a lot less explicit with these 'up to' top level speed references than the fixed ISPs but in our view anything that can help bring more clarity to mobile broadband consumers can only be a good thing. Ofcom will be assessing the reliability, accessibility and speed of the various mobile broadband providers at different times of the day. The research will be carried out by Cardiff based firm Epitiro and we look forward to seeing the results.

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