T-Mobile and Orange To Share Mobile Broadband Network
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T-Mobile and Orange To Share Network

Merger Under Everything Everywhere Brand Gathers Pace

T-Mobile Broadband Pay As You Go DongleThe merger between T-Mobile and Orange in the UK appears to be gathering pace with some news that is sure to excite their mobile broadband customers. The two networks are technically merging their UK operations under the umbrella organisation 'Everything Everywhere' and whilst, for now least, the two brands appear to be staying seperate the first signs are beginning to appear of how the merger might benefit customers. As of October 5th users of T-Mobile and Orange's mobile phones will be able to switch between the two networks automatically when out of coverage of their main network. The news appears to be particularly beneficial for T-Mobile who have lower population coverage outside London and the South East. Users have to register their interest but once they have done so it appears they will automatically switch between the two networks depending on which has the better coverage.

For the time being it appears that the move is for the voice based 2G signal only so it doesn't yet have huge implications for mobile broadband users but the two brands have announced that they intend to follow up this move with shared service across the 3G network (which mobile broadband works on) in the near future. This is potentially very exciting for mobile broadband users. As anyone who has read our mobile broadband coverage and speed guide will know, the quality of the 3G signal and in particular the distance from the nearest network base station has an enormous effect on the mobile broadband speed that you receive. This means that generally there is no one provider that has the best speed as it varies so much by location. In theory once this goes through, if Orange and T-Mobile customers can automatically connect to whichever network has the best coverage in any location it will be a huge advantage and give them a big lead over other mobile broadband providers as you will have a two in five, rather than a one in five chance of being on the fastest network at any one time and much reduced risk of poor coverage..

You can register to find out more when this happens on T-Mobile's site: here