Vodafone Predict Tiered Pricing
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Vodafone Predict Tiered Mobile Data Pricing

CEO Speaks At Nokia World Event

T-Mobile Broadband Pay As You Go DongleThe CEO of Vodafone, Vittorio Colao, spoke at mobile phone manufacturer Nokia's trade event today and hinted at the future of mobile broadband pricing. The Chief Executive explained that mobile broadband operators would have to bring in more tiered pricing - a model where more users are charged for the data they actually use or the quality of service they get - sooner rather than later in an effort to improve service. At present some of the most popular mobile broadband deals are for 'unlimited access' (although subject to differing fair usage caps - see our unlimited mobile broadband guide). Also mobile broadband quality - i.e. speed - can vary significantly at different times of the day and in different locations. Colao hinted that in future it may be possible to pay more for a premium service of better quality. Music to the ears of those of us desperate to see a more standardised, top quality service available everywhere.

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