O2 Mobile Broadband deals

Mobile Broadband From O2

  • Connect to the internet anywhere there is an O2 singal
  • Low prices and one month contracts
  • Free access to WiFI hotspots in cafes, hotels, airports and more with O2 Wifi
  • Great customer service and access to O2 'Treats' and rewards

About O2 Mobile broadband

  • Unlimited access to over 7500 Wi-Fi hotspots from The Cloud and BT Openzone included
  • Free McAfee Internet security suite included
    (worth £50)
  • 30 day happiness guarantee and 24 months warranty
  • Check O2 mobile broadband coverage


WiFi Hotspot Access With O2

  • Get free access to Wifi hotspots from The Cloud & BT included in your O2 mobile broadand deal
  • Unlimited access to thousands of hotspots throughout the UK
  • WiFi usage is subject to an excessive use policy
  • Check for available Wifi hotspots here
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  Network Monthly Cost Monthly Allowance Contract Extras / Details  
  O2 £6 0.5 gb 12 Months £11 upfront dongle charge. 4G dongle Buy NOW
  O2 £11 2 gb 12 Months £11 upfront dongle charge. 4G dongle Buy NOW
  O2 £16 10 gb 12 Months £11 upfront dongle charge. 4G dongle Buy NOW

O2 Mobile Broadband

Free Wifi With O2 Mobile Broadband

This page shows the mobile broadband offers available from O2. One of the big advantages of O2 mobile broadband is that itincludes free access to WiFi wireless hotspots operated by The Cloud and BT Openzone. These are very common in cafes, airports, train stations, hotels, etc and mean that when connected you access the Internet over WiFi rather than the mobile network, this saves data from your allowance and means that you may also get a slightly faster speed -depending on the quality of the WiFi connection. Access to these Hotspots is usually expensive – typically as much as £5 – £10 per session unless you subscribe to a regular contract – so having free access included with your mobile broadband deal can be a big advantage and you should think about how often you are likely to be in range of hotspot when making a decision about whether O2 mobile broadband is right for you.

O2 Mobile Broadband coverage

O2 has some of the best overall mobile phone coverage but their 3G network, which mobile broadband depends on, is not as comprehensive as some of their rivals like Three and Orange/T-Mobile. Because there are fewer network stations where you can connect to 3G you may also find that the speed is a little slower as the connection is shared by more users in your vicinity. This isn’t generally likely to be a problem if you are planning to use your mobile broadband in a heavily populated area, like a good sized city or on the train but may be a consideration in more rural areas. You can check O2’s network coverage or find more information about mobile broadband coverage and speed on this site.

O2 Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband

As well as the common pay monthly mobile broadband offerings, O2 also offer a reasonable pay as you go option for very light users. With the pay as you go option you buy your dongle and SIM card upfront and top it up using pay as you go vouchers, just like you would for a pay as you go phone. O2’s deal is that you get 200mb of data for £2 but the allowance only lasts for a day. 200mb should be enough for one day's web browsing and email for light to medium users (providing you don’t download a lot of attachments) and this option may make sense for occasional users although you should also consider the convenience of topping up when deciding if this is the right deal for you.

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