HP Pavillion DM3 - Free Laptop Review
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HP Pavillion DM3 Free Laptop Review

Great looking laptop with above average spec

HP Pavillion DM3- Whilst the HP Pavilion DM3 isn’t the most powerful free laptop available (it features an AMD Athlon 1.6GHz processor, 2gb RAM and a 250gb hard drive) it does have more than enough about it to handle the vast majority of tasks and unless you’re planning on doing a lot of video editing or other vey high memory use applications it is more than powerful for day to day computing needs. But the point of the DM3 isn’t really it’s spec, if you’re looking for pure power try the Samsung R530, the point of the DM3 is that it matches good performance with stunning looks and great ergonomics to make for a truly beautiful bit of kit.

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With a 13.3” HD screen the DM3 is smaller and lighter than most full sized laptops and the brushed aluminium finish of the case and beautiful metallic design of the inside set this apart as a really desirable machine. The build quality is top notch with a premium quality to the keyboard and the ability to quickly disable the responsive trackpad for prolonged period of typing. The laptop itself is compact and sturdy and the screen is one of the most vibrant and colourful we’ve seen on a free laptop, helped by the glossy display although this can make it more difficult to see in very bright light.

Battery life is good and you should get around four and a half hours at light usage, not quite up there with a low power netbook but impressive for a full spec laptop although obviously this will drop with heavy use. The AMD processor isn’t quite as fast as its Intel rivals but for most tasks you won’t notice a discernable difference unless pushing the laptop to its limits. At 250gb the hard drive has plenty of room for all your music, photos and videos plus lots of files and there’s a VGA web cam for video calling and an HDMI output socket for attaching it to a HD TV.

Overall the HP Pavilion DM3 is a high quality, beautiful and desirable laptop that comes in a fairly light and compact package. Probably the best looking free laptop available and if you aren’t too concerned about having a monsterously powerful machine, or aren’t planning to use it for seriously memory intensive purposes it makes an ideal free laptop.


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Summary and rating:

Plus Great design, premium finish, good ergonomics, lovely screen
Plus Compact and more portable than most free laptops
Plus Good battery and HD TV output
MinusNot the most powerful laptop available

Overall Rating 8/10


Screen: 13.3” HD screen
Operating System: Windows 7 Premium
Processor: AMD Athlon Dual Core 1.6GHz
RAM: 2gb
Hard Drive: 250gb
Battery: 4.5 hours
WiFi: Yes
Weight: 1.9kg
Size: 32.6 x 23 x 3.2cm
Other: DVD RW, VGA web cam, three USB ports, memory card reader, HDMI output for High Definition TV