Samsung N150 - Free Laptop Review
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Samsung NC110 / N150 Free Laptop Review

Outstanding Battery And Samsung Quality

Samsung N150- The Samsung NC110, N150 and N145 are almost identical small and light (only 1.2kg) mini laptops which build on Samsung’s impressive history of delivering top quality netbooks. In a world which is becoming dominated by cheap, low quality, plastic netbooks it’s reassuring to find the traditional Samsung build quality alive and well in such an inexpensive device. Internally the core spec is as you would expect in a modern mini laptop – 160gb hard drive, 1gb RAM, 1.66GHz Intel processor – meaning it’ll do a great job of surfing the net, keeping you in touch via email and social networks, playing music, videos and photos and editing documents on the move. As with all netbooks it’ll start to struggle with more power hungry needs like video editing or running lots of applications at once but what it loses there it makes up for in portability and great value.

Top Deal on Samsung NC110: £69 with 15gb mobile broadband just £31 a month.

Top Deal on Samsung N150: Free with 1gb mobile broadband just £25 a month.

Speaking of portability the Samsung N150 is the best laptop we’ve yet seen for using on the move. It’s incredibly compact and light like most netbooks but the killer feature is an astounding battery life. At full charge the N150 will keep going for a full 10 hours before needing a recharge meaning it’ll see you through most of the day if you’re out and about and all but the very longest train journey or flight. Not only that but unlike most of the free laptops that come with mobile broadband the N150 has the mobile broadband functionality is built in so you don’t need to worry about carrying around, and potentially losing, a separate dongle. There’s also WiFi, or course, when you want to connect to hotspots and even Bluetooth so you can hook the N150 up to your phone – great for easily transferring data or photos.

The N150 also scores high on usability, the keyboard runs almost to the edges on both sides making the most of the small size available and it also features an impressively responsive touchpad which also supports multi touch gestures and a matte finish to the screen which prevents light reflection. It runs Windows Seven which is a big step up from the likes of Windows XP and Vista and makes for a much more pleasant user experience. There are also lots of nice touches like a memory card slot for transferring files, a web cam for video calls and the Samsung Fail Safe tool that lets you track down and retrieve your netbook if it’s ever lost of stolen. One of the USB ports is also a ‘Charegable USB’ type which means that you can charge other gadgets like MP3 players or mobile phones directly from the laptop without even needing to switch it on.

You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design of the Samsung N150 and it’s impressive to find it available on such great deals. There are a couple of small niggles like the amount of pre installed software and trials but these are easily fixed and with such an impressive battery life, great connectivity and all the portability you’d expect in a netbook this is something of a bargain and our pick as the top free netbook with mobile broadband deal out there right now.


Free Laptop Deals:

Free Samsung N150 with 1gb mobile broadband for £25 a month

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Summary and rating:

Plus Excellent battery life
Plus Very well designed with lots of nice touches
Plus Top connectivity with built in mobile broadband, Bluetooth and WiFi
Minus A bit too much pre installed software

Overall Rating 9/10


Screen: 10.1” SVGA
Operating System: Windows 7 Starter
Processor: Intel Atom N450 (1.66 GHz)
RAM: 1gb
Hard Drive: 160gb
Battery: 10 hours
WiFi: Yes
Weight: 1.2kg
Size: 26.4 x 18.8 x 2.53cm
Other: Bluetooth, SD card reader, Built in mobile broadband, 3x USB ports, VGA web cam