Samsung RV510 - Free Laptop Review
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Samsung RV515 Free Laptop Review

Top Spec HD Laptop, Best Free Laptop Deal Available

Samsung R530- The Samsung RV515 offers top quality performance in a full sized laptop and with 15gb of mobile broadband a month for only £31 a month is undoubtedly the best value full spec free laptop available today. Whilst many free laptops compromise on power and performance to keep the price down the R5V515 packs a powerfulprocessor, 3gb of RAM and a 500gb hard drive to put it up there with the very best laptops available today, it’s possible to spend well over £500on laptops with a lower spec.

Top Deal on Samsung RV510: £69 with 15gb mobile broadband just £31.31 a month.

The RV515 isn’t just about the numbers though, it’s also a highly desirable laptop in it’s own right with an attractive metallic casing, sleek silver inside and stunning HD screen it looks great as well as working hard. It’s not quite the smallest or lightest full size laptop out there (it weighs 2.2kg and is 14” wide) but it’s not over bloated either and what you sacrifice in the portability of a smaller laptop or netbook you more than make up for in terms of sheer performance.

The Samsung RV515 runs Windows Seven Premium Edition and with it’s fast dual core processor and 3gb RAM it is speedy and very responsive, dealing well with even heavy multi tasking and up to playing all but the most power hungry 3D games. It’s multimedia properties are excellent with that huge hard drive for lots of storage of music, photos and videos plus the best screen we’ve seen on a laptop at this price point, a decent graphics card and good quality 3D speakers.

Elsewhere the RV515 has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a top laptop including WiFi to supplement the mobile broadband connection, a memory card slot for easy transfer of photos and files, a web cam for online video calls, a DVD rewriter and a HDMI port so you can easily connect it to a HD TV. Battery life is also pretty good at around four hours and it’s a solid build with a good quality, responsive keyboard.

We try to always find the negative points of a laptop in these reviews but with the RV515 they’re hard to spot. It’s maybe a few millimetres bigger than some of the competition and it won’t quite handle the very latest 3D games with aplomb but these are minor quibbles and in general the RV515 is an excellent bit of kit. It’s the most powerful free laptop currently available and one of the most desirable to boot and whilst it isn’t quite the cheapest deal out there for what you get it’s certainly the best value for money and our pick as the number one free laptop deal available today.


Free Laptop Deals:

Samsung RV510 for £99 with 15gb mobile broadband for £31.31 a month

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Summary and rating:

Plus Excellent performance with top quality spec
Plus Desirable machine with top quality finish and stunning screen
Plus Great features like HDMI output, 3D quality sound and huge hard drive
MinusA tiny fraction larger than some other 15” screen laptops

Overall Rating 10/10


Screen: 15.6” HD screen
Operating System: Windows 7 Premium
Processor: 1.65Ghz AMD Dual Core E450
RAM: 3gb
Hard Drive: 500gb
Battery: 4 hours
WiFi: Yes
Weight: 2.2kg
Size: 38 x 25.6 x 3.2cm
Other:DVMT graphics, DVD RW, VGA web cam, three USB ports, HDMI output for High Definition TV, memory card reader