Vodafone mobile broadband

  • Get online quickly and easily with mobile internet access from the UKs most used 3G network
  • 1 month, 18 month or 24 month contracts to siut your needs
  • Simple pay per day contract for occassional users

About Vodafone Mobile broadband

  • Excellent coverage both at home and abroad
  • Free top rated Samsungl netbook available with contracts from just £25 /month
  • The only pay as you go mobile broadband with no 30 day top up expiry
  • Check Vodafone mobile broadband coverage

30 Day Contracts

  • Vodafone mobile broadband deals are great for those that value flexibility and don't necessarily want to sign up for a long term commitment
  • Vodafone have the widest range of 30 day contracts of any UK network. Sign up for deals from just £3 a month or get free WiFi hotspot access included from £7.50 a month.
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  Network Monthly Cost Monthly Allowance Contract Extras / Details  
  Vodafone £10 1gb 12 Months £19 for a 4G dongle or mobile wifi Buy NOW
  Vodafone £15 3gb           Star buy 12 Months Free 4G dongle or mobile wifi Buy NOW
  Vodafone £20 10gb 12 Months Free 4G dongle or mobile wifi Buy NOW

Vodafone Mobile Broadband

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Prices

Vodafone have a range of mobile broadband offers available at different price points depending on how much data allowance you would like on a monthly basis and how long a contract you are prepared to sign up for. We have written a full guide to mobile broadband data use but generaly, 1gb is fine for light browsing, 3gb for regular to heavy browsing and email and 5gb will cover most user's needs including most music and video requirements but if you are very heavy user you may need one of the unlimited or 15gb packages available from other providers.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Coverage

Vodafone have good mobile broadband coverage for over 80% of the population and generally provide a very good speed of access and another important benefit is that they include free anti virus and anti spyware software with the dongle and if you sign up for one of their longer (i.e. not one month) contracts you also get free online backup so you can access important files on the move. Vodafone also have very good coverage abroad and reasonable roaming costs of £9.99 for 50mb a day in Europe, capped at a maximum of £34 +VAT a month. Remember though that you should always beware of potentially expensive ’roaming’ bills when abroad and check the billing situation for the country you plan to use your dongle in with the network before using your mobile broadband to prevent any nasty shocks when your bill comes. Learn more about using mobile broadband abroad.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband For Business

Vodafone mobile broadband is the preferred choice of many business users, partly due to Vodafone’s strength in business mobile phone sales, although the relatively high quality of the business customer service and network strength are also key considerations. If you are buying for a business Vodafone also offer a business online store where you can buy slightly more business focussed deals which also exclude VAT. You can find out more details of these at Vodafone's small business store..

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